Even though fewer people in Qatar are fishing during the summer months, beginners and serious hobbyists who are looking to improve their gear are driving sales of fishing accessories, according to residents who frequent different angling spots across the country.
The hot and humid weather has not deterred anglers in the country, whether professional or novice, from setting up their gear in preparation for the upcoming months when the weather would be more favourable for fishing, Joseph “Jeff” Cerezo told Gulf Times Sunday.
Cerezo, along with Adrian “Migs” Alfaras, have been fishing regularly in various locations in Qatar for the past several years. The adventures of these self-declared veteran fishers are documented in the Facebook group ‘Anglers of Qatar’, which was created by Alfaras.
According to Cerezo, the cost of setting-up fishing gear varies. But for beginners “QR500” would be enough for a full set-up. However, some professional anglers would even spend “QR5,000” or as much as “QR8,000 to QR9,000” depending on the set-up and the brand of their gear, he said.
“An angler’s set-up depends on the type and size of fish he or she wants to catch. There are different kinds of fishing rods, as well. Reels also have different categories as with the fishing lines and lures,” Cerezo explained.
On the other hand, Alfaras has a more conservative and budget-friendly shopping list for would-be anglers. He said “QR150 to QR200” would be enough for a basic set-up, which includes a decent fishing rod, a 30mm fishing line, swivels, hooks, and a sinker.
“Starting out does not have to be expensive. A basic set-up, including fresh shrimp for bait, is enough for one to enjoy fishing on the shores of Qatar,” said Alfaras, who noted that he still goes fishing with his fellow anglers in the summer just to get a break from the daily grind.
Alfaras said, “I started fishing in the Philippines when I was in Grade 3. Qatar has such beautiful fishing spots and different varieties of fish; and each trip to these locations is always a relaxing experience, which is why fishing has become a very delightful hobby for many people living here. I also document and share my experiences on my YouTube channel ‘MIGS fishing expedition VLOGS’.”
Cerezo noted that because the hot weather is challenging some anglers go to deeper waters to catch fish. “Sometimes, those who are fortunate enough to haul in a good catch may even sell the fish to porters waiting along the shoreline. The price of fish would be around 10% cheaper than those being sold in stores,” Cerezo pointed out.
He said the Corniche and the Mina District are popular fishing spots within the Doha area. But some anglers also frequent the beaches in Dukhan, Wakra, or Mesaieed and the best time for casting is between 6am and 7pm in these locations, he also said.
“Further in the sea, we sometimes catch kingfish, hamour, queenfish, sheri, giant trevally, cobia, and tuna. I usually catch sea breams, but there was a time I was able to catch a queenfish weighing some 6kg,” said Cerezo, who also maintains his YouTube channel ‘Dad with Spice’.
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