Public sector support and world-class facilities have helped foster a robust startup ecosystem in Qatar, according to a Doha-based digital startup. co-founder Binod Chandran told Gulf Times Tuesday that Qatar has actively encouraged diversity and inclusion in its startup ecosystem.
He said: “Efforts to involve women entrepreneurs and expatriates have been made to ensure a broad entrepreneurial community, including the announcement of business-friendly regulations and the expansion of multiple free zones like Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA), Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), and the new Media City.
Chandran lauded Qatar for investing heavily in developing world-class infrastructure, including technology parks, co-working spaces, and incubators. This, he pointed out, helps startups access essential resources and networking opportunities.
“Qatar has proactively marketed its startup ecosystem through international media, events, and digital platforms. Effective branding has elevated Qatar’s profile as a startup hub and increased its visibility on the global stage,” he stressed.
Chandran said: “ is being supported by two, the Digital Incubation Centre (DIC) and Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC), which has helped a lot in our initial days of uncertainty.
“The training they provided was invaluable and a lean startup mindset improves the outcome of the startup. Also, the collaboration between Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Ooredoo, and QFC has a lot of value for the community. We are also part of the Digital & Beyond Incubator funded by Ooredoo and run by QDB-QBIC.”
Chandran explained that the Qatari government’s multifaceted approach to supporting startups has contributed to a thriving digital startup landscape in the country. By providing financial, infrastructural, educational, and regulatory support, aspiring entrepreneurs have been able to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses, helping drive economic diversification and technological advancement in Qatar, he emphasised.
With sustainability becoming a global priority, Chandran said both the private and public sectors play crucial roles in promoting and supporting eco-friendly innovations in the country.
“Tasmu is a perfect example of the vision of Qatar towards smart cities and urban planning. Startups are developing smart city solutions, incorporating IoT technologies, to optimise energy use, enhance transportation systems, and improve overall urban sustainability,” he explained.
Chandran said is encouraging collaborations between startups and established businesses to foster an environment of innovation and mutual growth, as well as companies promoting the use of ‘Made in Qatar’ products.
“We following the mantra of ‘Developed in Qatar’ for the world. Established businesses can help startups kick-start the sales cycle as early adopters,” he noted, adding that Qatar’s strategic geographical location as a gateway between Europe, Asia, and Africa can be advantageous for startups looking to expand their reach to regional and international markets.
Chandran said Qatar’s strategic investment focus is valuable for budding startups and for those looking to scale. Qatar has identified key sectors for development, such as technology, healthcare, energy, and sports. Startups operating in these strategic sectors would have a higher chance of receiving targeted investment and support, he said.
As a digital startup, Chandran said, which is co-founded by Fijo George, Dijin Kumar, and Nishi Kurup, is looking to contribute to Qatar’s technology landscape by introducing innovative solutions and leveraging technology advancements.
“By addressing unmet needs or challenges in the market, can foster a culture of innovation and serve as a catalyst for other startups to follow suit. won first place during ‘DIC Ideacamp 4th Edition’ and was among the top 10 in the QDB Hackathon 2021. We also participated in MCIT’s CodeCamp with MADA Accessibility Centre, and also in the Ooredoo-QBIC Leanstartup Programme,” Chandran said.
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