In a significant effort to promote sustainable energy, Qatar University (QU) has launched a solar-powered mobile library on its campus.
In designing the mobile library, the QU researchers recycled a club car by installing bookshelves and solar panels to power it with renewable energy. This mobile library, according to an article in the latest edition of the QU research magazine, has the capacity to carry 200 books and be fully charged by sunlight within six hours.
Developed by the Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM) at QU, this innovative initiative aims to promote eco-friendliness, while encouraging a reading culture, and providing students and faculty with easy access to academic resources from QU Press.
The project demonstrates the University’s commitment to stimulate environmental sustainability that aligns with the aims of Qatar National Vision 2030. This is yet another significant step toward promoting sustainable energy and education in the region.
As well as simultaneously charging and running under the sunlight for consecutive hours, the mobile library can be charged using direct grid electricity without sunlight. The primary purpose, however, is to use sunlight as a renewable source of energy to promote efficiency in harnessing green energy for real-world applications. It will also serve to efficiently distribute academic books from QU Press, a fellow partner on environmental sustainability.
Prof Mohammad Irshidat, director of CAM, said: “The significance of our solar-powered mobile library lies in its use of a renewable energy source to ensure environmental sustainability. This initiative advances two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, securing affordable and clean energy under Goal 7, and building sustainable cities and communities under Goal 11. We believe the solar-powered mobile library will create greater awareness around the QU campus of the importance of harnessing clean energy and promoting sustainability.”
“The launch of the solar-powered mobile library represents a significant step toward promoting sustainability, education, and community engagement. Qatar University is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, and remains committed to promoting sustainable practices and initiatives that benefit society and the environment. The library is also a testament to the university’s efforts to promote environmental awareness,” noted Prof Mariam al-Maadeed, vice president for research & graduate studies at QU.
“This is a creative application of technology that will inspire students and researchers in Qatar. This solar-powered mobile library will be dedicated to promoting and selling QU Press books across campus and the country,” added, Prof Fatma al-Sowaidi, director of Qatar University Press.