Seeking a more conducive area to stay fit and active this summer, many residents and visitors are finding a haven in Al Gharrafa park with air-conditioned walking and jogging tracks.
The 50,000sqm park offers a refreshing refuge from the sweltering heat due to its innovative feature, which keeps the temperature of the 657m pedestrian and jogging tracks between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius.
Sudanese expatriate Maaz, who visits the park at least three times a week with his compatriot, lauds the air-conditioned area for its versatility.
“It is a good place to walk, jog, and do sports, especially during this time of the year when a lot of people are looking for outdoor areas to burn more calories”.
He said the park’s children's play area has been attracting many young visitors, engaging them in fun activities and making it an excellent space to stay fit and active for all age groups.
Adnan from Oman, who frequents the park to walk and run almost daily, echoed a similar view, highlighting its contribution to promoting a healthy lifestyle.
He noted that the park is always clean and serves as an excellent venue for fitness enthusiasts, families, and individuals looking to beat the heat while enjoying various recreational activities.
“It is really an amazing park as you can see, it’s cool in here. I come here every day to walk, and I see a lot of people who also do the same thing. It is, I think, a popular venue to exercise even during the summer season,” he added, hoping that more people will be visiting this park, especially in the afternoon and evening.
Apart from the air-conditioned area, the Al Gharrafa Park also features a number of attractions and amenities that cater to the needs of all visitors: beautifully landscaped gardens, a separate cycling path, children’s play areas, spaces for economic activities, shaded seating areas for relaxation and socialising, and facilities for people with special needs, among others.
Venu, an Indian expatriate in Doha, expressed his delight at returning to the park after a long hiatus. “I came here today to walk, it's been a while since I last visited this park,” he said, highlighting the allure of Al Gharrafa air-conditioned park that continues to draw visitors back for its unique blend of comfort and recreational offerings even during this period.
Besides the four restaurant and café kiosks, the park also has a booth for bicycle rental for visitors who want an easy tour of the entire location, in addition to bicycle parking areas. Many children are using e-scooters to roam around the park as well.
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