Technology and innovation are among the key sectors that will play a vital role in elevating economic relations between Qatar and Canada, an official of the Canadian-Qatari Business Forum (CQBF) has said.
In a statement to Gulf Times, CQBF executive director Yasser Dhouib said the forum’s strategic focus is to help tech firms, trading companies, and related businesses from Canada mark their presence here during the ‘Web Summit Qatar’, which is slated on February 26-29, 2024 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC).
“Qatar is effectively at the forefront of trade and high-tech business and innovation as it will host Web Summit Qatar next year. CQBF will participate in the event as an umbrella group that includes several important Canadian companies. CQBF wants to be involved in Qatar’s digitalisation efforts from a Canadian perspective, which endeavours to foster the exchange of Canadian technological know-how.
“Doha is now becoming an ideal destination and an important regional hub for doing business and establishing strategic partnerships with Qatari high-tech companies. It will certainly be the best for Canada’s brand in business and trading technology to flourish,” Dhouib explained.
According to its website, Web Summit Qatar joins the roster of international events organised by Web Summit, alongside Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Collision in Toronto, and RISE in Hong Kong.
Dhouib said CQBF also participated in Collision, which was held recently in Toronto, Canada.
“In effect, CQBF aims to get Canadian-Qatari business investments and trading partnerships at the level of already excellent political relationships between the two countries.
“CQBF seeks to establish a durable partnership with Collision, which is the ‘Olympics of tech’, in the belief that companies thrive in an interconnected world of opportunities and new ideas for creating wealth and technology for the benefit of the business community,” he said.
He said: “Collision is ‘the place to be’ for high-tech companies and business forums, as well as trading partners in North America. The summit comes back this year after the pandemic with important profiles in business and high-tech companies; networking has become absolutely crucial for any business that wants to get an edge in technological trends.”
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