The Artificial Intelligence in Architectural Design exhibition – a collaboration between Katara – Cultural Village Foundation and Qatar Society of Engineers – opened Thursday at Building 18 in Katara.
The exhibition displays about 45 paintings and will remain open until July 9.
Katara general manager Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti expressed his admiration for the exhibition, saying that Katara aims to provide a platform to all cultural and artistic approaches related to the transformations in society.
Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and its vast capabilities can help inspire many ideas and creative works, including this exhibition that reflects the importance of creative human works and that of the artificial ones, Prof al-Sulaiti said.
Qatar Society of Engineers board chairman engineer Khaled bin Ahmed al-Nasr said that the exhibition focuses on the idea of applying AI in future architecture, and it has applied AI created by engineers Mai AbdulSalam, Hind AbdulSalam, and Hassan AbdulSalam.
Hassan AbdulSalam explained that they aimed to explore the applications of AI in the architectural design process, to open greater possibilities for construction and the use of materials.
He noted that the engineers worked according to similar stages that are applied in any other design.
Mai AbdulSalam said that AI helps mix two worlds together, and that she personally explored the idea of mixing the Arab-Islamic culture in architecture.
She explained that this is in order to have a trace of Arab-Islam history and legacy in new buildings, especially since the Arab civilisation has many artistic expressions such as Arabic calligraphy, Islamic ornaments and many more.
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