Qatar and India share an expansive range of potential partnerships in sectors, such as energy and technology, a subject matter expert stressed during the Qatar Indian Management Association (QIMA)’s recently held ‘Leadership Summit’.
“I think there is a huge scope for what Qatar and India can do together. I know you have leadership in the energy sector. We are looking at different technologies now. Qatar itself is looking at different technologies to transcend the future,” said Shrinivas V Dempo, president of the All India Management Association (AIMA) and chairman of Dempo Group of Companies.
Dempo addressed the attendees as the guest of honour and discussed the ‘Changing Leadership in a Changing World’. He said the theme of the summit “actually applies in the current context of management leadership.”
As an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University, Dempo said he understood the vision of Qatar’s leadership and the reasons why the country developed its educational system by establishing “wonderful institutes” from the US, the UK, and Europe.
“This is something that a leadership of the country can do to change the whole perspective. And I think Qatar has done it rightly in the field of education,” he stressed while lauding Qatar’s successful hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
He further said: “I saw the World Cup and it was mind-blowingly well organised. All of you who are Qatar citizens should be proud of your country for what it has done. It has been a phenomenal achievement.
“This is my seventh World Cup and I must proudly acknowledge that this was the best one, so I think this is the kind of leadership that one wants to see to face the challenges today.”
During the summit, Dempo was joined by other dignitaries, including South African ambassador Ghulam Hoosein Asmal who delivered an inaugural speech. Ibrahim al-Jaidah, Group CEO & chief architect of Arab Engineering Bureau and IJAE, shared valuable insights and advice with young leaders at the event.
Rekha Sethi, director general of AIMA, discussed the topic ‘Women in Leadership Roles: Beyond Barriers and Biases’, while P Suresh, former commander of the Indian Navy and managing director of Steel and Industrial Forgings, talked about ‘Navigating the Complexities: Leadership Trials in Manufacturing Industries’.
The South African ambassador said: “Both Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were inviting leaders; giants worthy of our admiration and praise. There was never any doubt, not even in the minds of the extractors, that what they stood for and what they were going to fight for, or even die for, never, which is why they were able to influence astonishing changes and achieve more inspiring results.”
For his part, al-Jaidah emphasised the value of hard work and utilising technology, and the importance of patience and perseverance when working one’s way from the ranks. “Hang around with the leaders. And as you become a leader, put leaders around you. You are as good as the people surrounding you. And there’s nothing like working with somebody that can inspire you,” said al-Jaidah, addressing the youth at the summit.
Citing a study done by McKinsey, Sethi said the global GDP in 2025 would be higher than “$12tn” or “11%” if all countries take steps towards gender parity. The same study said that if women have the same participation rate in the workforce as men, the global GDP would rise to “$28tn” or “26%,” she further said.
“During the past couple of decades, the movement for gender parity in business leadership has gained great momentum and has been a convergence of policy action and corporate initiative in the push for women's inclusion in leadership roles.
“Many governments have introduced quotas for women in corporate roles to jumpstart gender equality in business leadership. As a result, women are becoming more visible from the higher table, and more women are aspiring to become CEOs and chairpersons of different companies,” she emphasised.
Meanwhile, Suresh said: “Leaders are influencers. Influencers are not leaders. I am not talking about social media influencers. But as a leader, you influence people. I have seen it. You touch people's lives.
“So, you should always be touching them with the good. You will always remember the quality. A leader is someone whom you can depend upon to deliver. Deliverance is a key word in business. Anywhere you deliver, you have leadership quality.”
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