City Center Doha Sunday unveiled 'Beyond The Threads & Knots', a unique exhibition showcasing more than 40 rare carpets, each with its own fascinating tale and historical significance.
Chairman of Board of Trustees of Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Museums, Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani led the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the mall’s 3rd floor (Arabian Court) and expressed his delight in sharing his passion for art, history, and culture.
The exhibition, running until June 28, promises an immersive experience with exquisite carpets on display, brought directly from The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Carpet Museum, described as a testament to Qatar's rich cultural heritage.
What sets this show apart is its diverse collection: from various carpets and rugs to saddle textiles for camels and horses from various regions such as China, Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, and Europe during the Ottoman era.
The exhibition also puts a spotlight on the intricacy of carpet-making techniques and the geographical origins of the rugs. With the carpets categorised by themes, it makes it easier for viewers to appreciate the carpets' aesthetics and symbolism, as natural motifs such as the tree of life and animals, are woven into the carpets' fabric.
Some pieces were adorned with Quranic inscriptions of Ayat al-Kursi and stunning depictions of lush gardens, complete with a central hanging lamp, blooming plant motifs, delicate roses, and an array of enchanting birds.
An Anatolian Ottoman rug, a 19th-century woolen masterpiece crafted with the traditional Gyurdis knot, provides a captivating glimpse into the Sultan's council of the past. It offers a rare opportunity to witness the power dynamics and the intimate moments within the palace walls.
City Center Doha has also prepared a variety of children's activities adjacent to the exhibition. These include arts and crafts-themed fun during the weekends until the exhibition concludes.
City Center Doha recently welcomed a host of high-end brands, including Boarders and Plaza Hollandi, with many more renowned brands preparing to open their doors soon. Homes R Us has also opened its branch, offering a wide range of household needs and furniture.
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