The Canadian-Qatari Business Forum (CQBF) is gearing up for its participation in the third edition of the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) Powered by Bloomberg slated in Doha from May 23-25, an official has said.
Executive director and board member Yasser M Dhouib told Gulf Times that CQBF has held several meetings to discuss its participation, which would include the presentation of a working paper “focusing on the pioneering Canadian economic experience in North America and the world.”
“Bloomberg has invited the board of directors of CQBF to attend the Qatar Economic Forum. More than one meeting was held with officials from Bloomberg during which we discussed the importance of our participation in the forum,” he explained.
Dhouib said: “The visit programme will include, in addition to attending the conference, holding several meetings with government institutions and groups of businessmen and businesswomen aimed at exchanging experiences and consolidating trade relations between the two countries.”
According to Dhouib, CQBF’s meetings during the forum will also discuss its preparations for a major visit of a high-level Canadian economic delegation to Qatar early next year.
Dhouib said the QEF is an opportunity to elaborate the Canadian point of view “on the rising south-to-south economy and the new growth opportunities.”
“CQBF will identify global economic prospects and policies that will lead towards a new global growth and will present a summary of the Canadian experience and expertise,” he said.
To promote international capacity and knowledge, Dhouib said CQBF is working to help tap into Canada’s connections and relationships worldwide, including cooperation on network-building among Canadians abroad.
CQBF also aims to encourage Canadians to participate in initiatives in the GCC region, Africa, and Asia that will help Canadians better understand the importance of these regions to Canada.
“Canada’s most important international networks are those that have been built by Canadian businesses and other globally-connected citizens and our post-secondary and research institutions. Capitalising on these connections remains one of the most effective tools for enhancing Canadian influence and competitiveness globally, and premiers endorse a number of ways to do this.
“Initiatives like Qatar Economic Forum that bring regions together help to deepen ties. For example, the recently held Canada-EU Innovation Forum highlighted the importance of collaboration between Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments and the EU as a fundamental building block of international cooperation in research and innovation,” Dhouib stressed.
He added: “Business delegations in the south would contribute to the development. Additional support for Canadian business delegations in specific regions would contribute to the development of Canada’s capacity and would make excellent use of the Canadian diplomatic and international trade network around the world.”
In a previous interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani, the chairperson of the Supreme Committee Organising the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) and CEO of Media City, said the QEF’s 2023 edition will focus on prominent global challenges that affect societies and economies around the world.
The QEF is also expected to attract more influential business leaders, academics, and heads of government to highlight the necessary innovations to move the global economy forward.
“However, the most important objective of all editions of the forum has been strengthening interdependence as an international community. Therefore, the 2023 edition will revolve around global growth and establishing a new roadmap for global growth in this challenging economic environment,” Sheikh Ali said.
He added: “Any event or disturbance that occurs in one part of the world has successive consequences at the global level. Similarly, holding a dialogue here in the heart of the Middle East enables us to connect thought leaders and decision-makers from different societies to reach globally applicable solutions for a secure and sustainable future for all.”
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