Al Jazeera Media Network Thursday renewed the demand for accountability for the assassination of its journalist Shireen Abu Akhleh's by Israeli Occupation Forces on May 11, 2022 in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.
The call was issued at a seminar organised in Doha to commemorate the first anniversary of Shireen being shot dead while reporting on the Israeli military raids.
The seminar panel was composed of Al Jazeera director general Mostefa Souag, director of news Asef Hamidi, Al Jazeera Public Liberty and Human Rights Centre director Sami al-Haj, Al Jazeera+ managing director Dima Khatib with Arabic channel's principal presenter Mhamed Krichen as moderator.
The panellists spoke about the professional commitment and dedication of their colleague as well as her humane qualities and stressed their personal and institutional determination to demand accountability for Shireen Abu Akleh’s assassination.
Reporting live from Al Jazeera’s office in Ramallah in Palestine, journalist Walid al-Omari said that “Ramallah Municipality and Al Jazeera laid the foundation stone today for a museum dedicated to the departed journalist Shireen, and her office will be transferred there”.
In the presence of members of her family, her brother Antoine said “the culprits should be held accountable. Though Shireen is an American citizen, the US Administration did not do anything, neither the EU.”
Despite Israel's attempts to mislead and deny responsibility, the murder of Shireen sparked a global outcry. Independent international investigations have unanimously confirmed that Shireen was targeted by an Israeli Occupation Forces soldier, despite her wearing a blue helmet and vest clearly identifying her as a member of the press.
Al Jazeera Media Network remains committed to its pledge to Shireen’s family and colleagues to seek justice for Shireen by pursuing all possible avenues to ensure her killers are held accountable, including through the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
The Network renews its appeal to international human rights and press freedom organisations to continue to support Shireen's case and help end impunity for crimes against journalists.
On the one-year anniversary of Shireen’s assassination, the Network paid tribute to her memory and contribution to journalism through an International Day of Action. Her colleagues, along with other journalists and human rights activists, held vigils and solidarity stands in key capitals, Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha and at the network's offices around the world.
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