Three Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar (WCM-Q) graduates from the Class of 2023 have highlighted their journey with the university as most fruitful, taking them to certain unique achievements and pinnacles of learning.
Muna Almasri said that WCM-Q has provided her the privilege of engaging in clinical and volunteer experiences throughout the world. “My experiences have been vast but as a pre-medical student volunteering in Tanzania, a clerkship in Qatar, and a sub-intern in New York, I have learned an incredible amount about medicine and humanity in the many different pockets of the world.”
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She feels that the Match Day was the most important milestone of her medical journey being able to pursue residency training in a dream, as she is excited to be moving to Ann Arbor to join the Adult Neurology residency programme at the University of Michigan.
“Though medicine is known to be intensive and demanding, the beauty of WCM-Q is its ability to cultivate a community of diverse, supportive, and like-minded people who push each other toward success.”
Almasri has been awarded academic distinction, honours in research; excellence in the Health, Illness and Disease II Course among many other feats. Zainab al-Ansari who has got academic distinction and excellence in psychiatry is looking forward to completing her residency training in psychiatry in New York and come back to Qatar, to help advance the landscape of mental health services in the country.
“The last six years have shown me the value of hard work and consistency - the key was not to be an expert in every subject or skill immediately, but to keep trying. I hope to carry this mindset as I move forward in my career. WCM-Q continuously reminds us that we never stop being students, and should always be eager to learn and grow,” said al-Ansari.
Khalifa Bshesh, who has academic distinction and honours in research, was of the view that WCM-Q provided him with an outstanding education that prepared him well for a career in medicine. “The rigourous coursework, hands-on clinical experience, and supportive faculty and staff have all contributed to my growth and development as a medical professional. The mentorship I got from Alumni and faculty inspired me to pursue this path that I'm choosing. Most importantly, the supportive environment and culture that the WCM-Q community has cultivated played a great role in enabling my success,” the graduate explained.
Bshesh will be starting his residency training in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins starting this June for the next three years. “I hope to pursue a fellowship in Cardiology after the completion of my residency training and continue to grow my expertise. I aspire to continue learning and growing my medical knowdlege everday of my career. I would like to become a cardiologist who balances his time between clinical duties, medical education, and research that advances the field,” he added.