The Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum (QUBF) is eyeing advanced technology as a key sector to further advance economic ties between the Gulf country and the Eastern European nation, an official has said.

“Since its registration in Qatar in 2018, QUBF has been promoting business diplomacy by serving as a reliable source of information for Ukrainian and Qatari companies to establish sustainable partnerships,” QUBF chairperson Dr Olga Revina told Gulf Times Sunday.

According to Revina, some of the areas of potential interest for Qatar-Ukraine co-operation are in financial technology (fintech), green technology (greentech), information technology (IT), and artificial intelligence (AI) “where Ukraine has advanced expertise.”

Revina also explained that QUBF’s portfolio has accumulated several “attractive projects” to address the needs of Ukraine’s Qatari counterparts to further enhance business development in the tech industry, cultivate a thriving ecosystem, and foster innovative solutions.

“QUBF has a well-established collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Qatar and united efforts in expanding the forum’s e-digest, the ‘QUBF Overview’, as well as the launching the Ukraine Business Group in Qatar.

“Discussions on promising trade prospects between Qatar and Ukraine across the food and agriculture sectors remain on track as a result of Ukraine’s participation in the 10th Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition (AgriteQ 2023)," Revina pointed out.

According to Revina, QUBF is currently working on identifying suitable Qatari partners for Ukrainian companies, such as the high-tech slaughterhouse complex, and Halal Meat Company, among others. Even during these challenging times, Ukraine is continuing to supply globally as one of the world’s leading agricultural and food producers.

“Acting in line with business priorities, QUBF catalyses its efforts to foster bilateral relations. Despite the current situation in Ukraine, we try to find new niches for developing joint partnerships,” Revina said.

Aside from enhancing economic partnerships with Qatar, Revina said that under the umbrella of the QUBF brand programme, ‘Partnership for Prosperity,’ the forum is focusing on promoting Qatar-Ukraine collaboration in the education, scientific, and tech industries.

“There are a number of promising proposals from leading Ukrainian educational and scientific institutions, such as Dragomanov Ukrainian State University, Polytechnic University of Ukraine, and the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in the areas of the joint research programme, expertise exchange, and internship, which were discussed on a recent meeting with senior management of the University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) and representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine.

“Facilitating Qatar-Ukraine partnership in the educational sector will be a valuable step in the practical implementation of the strategic agreements signed in the framework of the Joint Commission on Economic, Commercial, and Technical Co-operation between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the State of Qatar,” Revina stressed.

Asked about other QUBF milestones and programmes, Revina said: “The latest edition of QUBF Overview reflected the spectrum of business proposals for Qatar-Ukraine co-operation, as well as QUBF’s contribution to various events.

“These include serving as keynote speaker at the ‘2nd International Women’s Day Colloquium’ at the CUC Ulster University in Qatar and presenting QUBF activities and current trends to succeed in global business alliances.

“Also, QUBF’s founders joined the ‘3rd Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman," where Ambra Simha, a leading Ukrainian brand in the amber industry, showcased its unique artworks. Ambra Simha’s unique creations definitely added exclusivity to the exhibition,” Revina added.
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