LuLu Hypermarket is promoting an array of Welsh food and beverage (F&B) products with the celebration of the ‘This is Wales’ festival, which was launched at LuLu Mall, Giardino, The Pearl Island, Saturday.

The event is the first of the ‘This is Wales’ series in Qatar, which was organised as a prelude to the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6, and the celebration of the ‘British Week Festival’.

The festival, which will run until Sunday (April 28 to 30) aims to promote a wide range of Welsh products in Qatar through the LuLu Hypermarket chain as part of the pilot project ‘Destination: Middle East’, which is funded by the Welsh Government to support in-market retail promotions and on-trade consumer engagement for Welsh F&B companies looking to establish in the UAE and Qatar.

A range of Welsh F&B products will be promoted collectively for agreed periods in target supermarkets, high-end hotels, and restaurants, LuLu announced in a statement.

Supported by the Welsh Government and the British Embassy in Qatar, Welsh F&B companies have gathered to put Wales on the map, celebrating the quality and uniqueness of Welsh products during a three-day sampling event at Lulu Hypermarket - the leading hypermarket chain in the GCC.

“LuLu will provide customers with the unique opportunity to taste and try new products and explore the local interest in listing these on an ongoing basis in Qatar and across the GCC,” the statement noted.

British ambassador John Wilks inaugurated the event by leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was attended by dignitaries from the Welsh Government, the British embassy, and senior officials from LuLu management, including Shaijan M O, regional director; Shanavas P M, regional manager; and Simon Alexander, retail operations manager.

In his speech, Wilks said ‘This Is Wales’ aims to forge partnerships between the Welsh government and Qatar to introduce products from Wales. The ambassador thanked LuLu Group for providing opportunities to showcase a wide range of Welsh products in its outlets operating across the country.

“Wales is known for its very high-quality produce, especially the agricultural and organic lines. Wales is a very beautiful country, which is attracting a large number of visitors. People from Qatar can visit to see up close the beauty of the country,” Wilks said, adding that one of the positive aspects of the festival is that it brings together the Welsh community in Qatar under one roof.

LuLu Group stated that it is keen to highlight some of the best food items and producers from Wales. Aside from promoting Welsh produce, the festival aims to businesses the opportunity to initiate trade and make connections in the Middle East.

During the festival, 12 brands will be available for customers to sample and purchase, including Calon Wen, Cradoc's Savoury Biscuits, Daioni Organic, Halen Môn, Hilltop Honey, Rachel’s Organic, Radnor Preserves, Rhug Estate, Pilgrim’s UK, Stillers, Tan y Castell, and Tŷ Nant.

Some of the products listed include Calon Wen Organic Mellow Creamy Cheddar, Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits Chilli and Ginger Crackers, Daioni Salted Caramel Latte, Halen Môn Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic, Hilltop Blossom Honey, Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Rhubarb Yogurt, Radnor Preserves Hand-cut Smoky Campfire Marmalade, Rhug Estate Lamb Leg, Tan Y Castell Bara Brith, and Tŷ Nant Blue Still Water.
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