The renewal of health cards and e-contracts together constituted more than 71% of the electronic services availed through Hukoomi in February 2023, indicating the increased prominence of digital penetration and transformation in the country, according to official statistics. There were as many as 67,868 renewals of health card, which accounted for 46% of the total electronic services through the portal, said the figures released by the Planning and Statistics Authority. On a month-on-month basis, the renewals had seen a 5.4% drop in the review period.

The month saw as many as 37,689 E-contracts, which constituted one-fourth or 25% of the total. It registered a 5.1% decline on a monthly basis in February 2023. A total of 148,567 services were conducted through Hukoomi portal in February 2023, which registered a 7.5% fall month-on-month.

Hukoomi, the official e-Government portal, is to make government information and services more efficient and effective in order to be accessible to all citizens, residents, visitors and businesses.

The third largest component was online registration for the medical commission which stood at 22,576 or 15% of the total in the review period. The online registration witnessed a 16.5% shrinkage month-on-month this February.

There were as many as 6,747 criminal cases requests, which constituted 5% of the total service offered through Hukoomi in February 2023. It showed a 12.6% decline month-on-month. There were as many as 4,863 applications for palm import licence, which accounted for 3% of the total in February this year. It was down 2.7% month-on-month in the review period.

There were as many as 2,121 non-specified services through the portal in February compared to 2,272 the previous month, thus showing a 6.6% contraction.

As many as 1,509 work permit e-services were reported in February 2023 against 1,814 the previous year period, thus registering a 16.8% decline.

In the case of medical practicing, it reported a 10.9% increase month-on-month to 1,257 in February 2023.

There were as many as 1,062 tender fee payments through Hukoomi portal in February 2023 compared to 1,219, a 12.9% fall on a monthly basis. The portal saw 970 enforcement request registration in February 2023 against 1,059 a month ago.

The civil and family case registration numbered 963 in February 2023 compared to 964 in January this year. There were as many as 934 services under Tawtheeqat in February this year compared to 954 the previous month of 2023.

There were as many as eight applications for approval for dealing with telecommunication equipment and related activities in February 2023 against 20 in January 2023.