Qatar's Al Gannas Association has concluded its 6th campaign of returning falcons to nature by releasing 55 falcons in Azerbaijan, at a programme attended by Al Gannas President Ali bin Khatem al-Mehshadi, in the presence of Azeri Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev and Ambassador of Qatar to Azerbaijan Faisal bin Abdullah al- Hanzab.
Shortly before releasing the falcons, Al Gannas Association delegation took part in the release of salmons in the Caspian Sea.
Al Gannas President al-Mehshadi said that the 6th campaign of returning falcons to the nature, has succeeded in releasing 55 falcons in Azerbaijan, pointing out that the campaign was carried out in coordination with Azeri officials. High-precision satellite tracking devices were mounted on 6 falcons, in order to monitor their locations and migration lines, he added.
Al Mehshadi indicated that Azerbaijan was chosen as a place to release falcons, because it is one of the main lines of migration through which they pass to return to their original habitats and places of breeding, which contributes to achieving the goal of the campaign and strengthening the efforts of Qatar in preserving the natural life of falcons, in addition to preserving biodiversity, achieving a balance between environmental conservation and preserving intangible heritage.
Al-Mahshadi praised the efforts of all Qatari falconers, the owners of the initiative, as the biggest supporters of the campaign. He also praised the Qatari Embassy in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), Qatar Airways, the official carrier of the campaign, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Municipality, while lauding the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan in facilitating this campaign, the Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital, the Afrin Falcon Center and all the supporters of the campaign.
For his part, Vice President of the Qatari Al Gannas Association Mohammed bin Abdullatif al-Misnad explained that the sixth campaign to return falcons to nature was successful, wishing the continuation of the campaign in the coming years.
He said that the association, since the Marmi festival last January, has carried out an intense campaign to encourage falconers to contribute to the success of the campaign, and to clarify its lofty goals and meanings, as the falcons were chosen very carefully, stressing the importance of the campaign in preserving bird species.
Al-Misnad explained that after the falcons were selected, they were fully examined, blood samples were taken, and satellite tracking devices were attached.
The campaign of returning falcons to nature has its roots in the Qatari society, where some Qatari falconers used to release falcons after the end of the season, and that they intuitively at that time were aware of the importance of sustainability and preserving wildlife.
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