An electronics manufacturing company in the Philippines is eyeing several business opportunities in Qatar, as it seeks to expand its operations beyond Southeast Asia.
According to Ernest Thomas V Nierras, chairman and CEO of Pythos Technology Philippines, the company is exploring six to seven business opportunities in the fields of electronics, manufacturing, engineering, and technical services.
“We want to grow outside of the Philippines; Qatar is closer to Europe, so it could serve as a gateway that we would like to explore,” Nierras told Gulf Times.
Nierras noted that the company’s solutions, which include medical-grade masks that deactivate viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and mould, are geared toward the commercial, medical, military, and aerospace industries in the areas of electronics and science and technology.
“In that product spectrum, we want to manufacture, assemble, design, and build in different parts of the world. One growth centre that we’re looking at is the Middle East. From there, we can address not only the needs of the Middle East and the Gulf states but also those of Africa and Europe. There’s going to be a quick turnaround time if we do it from here,” said Nierras, who is currently in Qatar.
In addition to these plans, Pythos is also looking to venture into the food and beverage (F&B) sector, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), aqua farming, and the fish farm industry, among others, Nierras stressed.
“The company has already been in advanced talks with its partners in Qatar, and it is just a matter of identifying the first phase of our expansion outside of the Philippines to this part of the world,” he said.
While the company aims to expand its business outside of the Philippines, Nierras emphasised the potential of the country’s technology and manufacturing industries. “Instead of sending Filipinos to work abroad, the Philippines can pioneer in the areas of technology and manufacturing in other countries,” he emphasised.
Asked about the company’s potential contribution to Qatar’s food security efforts, Nierras said the technology being utilised by Pythos, particularly in the fish farm industry and desalination, may play a significant role in Qatar’s food security strategy.
“With Pythos Technology Philippines looking to expand its business reach and explore new opportunities, our plans may bring growth and development not only for the company but also for the countries and sectors we seek to venture into,” Nierras pointed out.
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