The National Group for Agriculture and Animal Products, a subsidiary of Al Mana International Holding Group, has made a strong presence for the Mazzraty brand with a wide range of poultry, dairy and vegetable products at the ongoing 10th Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition (AgriteQ) 2023 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.
"Among the attractions showcased by Mazzraty is the newly introduced marinated fresh chicken, available in five flavours," Saad al-Mana, executive board member, National Group for Agriculture and Animal Products, told Gulf Times yesterday on the sidelines of the exhibition.
A wide range of poultry products available at the Mazzraty pavilion at AgriteQ 2023 inludes fresh whole chicken, fresh chicken wings, necks, thighs, whole legs, tenderloin, gizzards, hearts, livers, feet, drumsticks, breast fillet, mixed parts, fresh chicken minced meat and Chicken shish tawook.
Dairy products including fresh milk, flavoured milk, labneh, cheese, yogurt, instant full cream milk powder and a variety of juices are also available at Mazzraty's booth number B109 at the event concluding on Sunday.
The products from Mazzraty farms meet the highest quality standards without any chemicals or antibiotics and they are processed using state-of-the-art technology.
Al-Mana said Mazzraty is carrying out research and marketing analysis in order to introduce more high quality products at competitive prices.
Mazzraty uses a fully environment-friendly production cycle while trying to raise environmental awareness and encourage the Qatari community to join efforts for sustainability and combating climate change.
The other Mazzraty products at AgriteQ 2023 include honey, varieties of dates such as Zahidi, Malaki, Khudry, Safaawy,Sukkary, Suqa’ey, Khalas, Fard, Barny and Berhi, fresh vegetables such as parsley, aubergine, bean, cucumber, squash, tomato and okra, organic fertilisers and feeds for livestock and birds.
In partnership with Kidzania, Mazzraty lends kids a first hand experience of farming and dairy production by making use of Augmented Reality, a blender bike, arts and crafts.
Also, the pavilion has a live cookery show where exquisite dishes are prepared by chef Ahmed al-Zamel.
Al-Mana said AgriteQ 2023 is an ideal venue for Qatari farmers and entrepreneurs to showcase and market their products and share experience while taking new lessons.
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