Google begun making photo editing features based on artificial intelligence (AI) available in more devices running the Android system, after they were exclusive only to the Pixel 8 phones that the company launched last year.

Google provides a number of features within the Google One subscription, as users will be able to access them for free; subject to specific restrictions. The company allows only 10 photos to be edited per month using the "Magic Editor" for free, after which users must subscribe to the Google One Premium package to use these features without restrictions.

The "Magic Editor" allows users to delete parts of the image, easily change the size of images, in addition to editing and enhancing video clips based on AI, with a set of other tools such as the "Magic Eraser" to remove unwanted people or elements from images, and " Noise Remover" to improve blurry images, and other options to enhance colors, cloud shape, background blur, and lighting adjustment.

It is recommended to download the Google Photos application, or update it to the latest available version, in order to verify the availability of these new features.

Google had previously announced its intention to offer these features to more devices running the Android system, in addition to iPhones and iPads, without specifying which devices, or how long the company will take to make these features available.
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