The Canadian-Qatari Business Forum (CQBF) and the Canadian embassy in Qatar are working to develop economic co-operation between Canada and Qatar to achieve sustainable development, as well as joint co-operation to promote the Francophonie.
These were among the key points discussed in a meeting held recently in Doha between CQBF executive director and board member Yasser M Dhouib and Canada’s ambassador to Qatar, Isabelle Martin.
“The CQBF and ambassador Isabelle Martin agreed to support joint co-operation between Canada and Qatar within the framework of the Francophonie...CQBF believes that the Francophonie is a strong framework and space for multi-joint co-operation, and the economic aspect comes at the forefront of this co-operation,” Dhouib told Gulf Times in a statement.
Dhouib said the International Organisation of la Francophonie implements Francophone multilateral co-operation in the service of the interests of its 88 member states and member governments, which include 54 de jure members, including Canada, seven associate members, and 27 observer members, including the State of Qatar.
“The work of the International Organisation of the Francophonie is concentrated in the following four main areas: promoting the French language, cultural, and linguistic diversity; and promoting peace, democracy, and human rights, support for education, training, higher education, and research,” he explained.
Dhouib also underscored the support being provided by the governments of Qatar and Canada, saying the CQBF is working according to institutional mechanisms in a democratic manner within the board of directors headed by ambassador Ferry De Kerckhove.
“We also have great support from Qatari ambassador Dr Khalid bin Rashid al-Mansouri and Canadian ambassador Isabelle Martin to serve the two friendly countries,” Dhouib pointed out.
He added: “We also believe that the relations of both countries will be beneficial to North-South and South-South co-operation. CQBF is looking at ways on what Qatar and Canada can offer in the Francophonie organisation based on mutual interests and as a stabilising force in both their regions.”
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