Qatari jewellery designer Leila Abu Issa, a participant in a number of regional and international exhibitions, says that the home country is the best place to launch her latest collections.
“As usual, we always launch our collections here at the exhibition (Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition). I’m always happy to launch a collection especially for Qatar, always my special place,” the Leila Issam Fine Jewellery founder and owner told Gulf Times.
She finds the DJWE 'the best jewellery exhibition in the world' to showcase her exquisite pieces, alongside other local designers and internationally-renowned jewellery brands.
Besides DJWE’s growing popularity, Leila Abu Issa said she is thankful to be part of the Qatari Designers initiative – a platform that gives Qatar’s most recognised contemporary jewellery and watch brands a springboard to elevate their businesses.
“I am very grateful for this (initiative), it really gives us the opportunity to present our collection to a very big and important audience. There are a lot of connoisseurs and people who really know what they are looking for, and what they are buying, as well as being next to all these very international and established brands,” Abu Issa said. “It’s an honour, really a great exposure, there’s a lot to learn here”.
Leila Abu Issa is showcasing what she describes as 'a very nostalgic collection,' named ‘Nostalgia’ at DJWE 2023, and it is bringing back the lockets – created in a modern way.
“We have special messages engraved in them, some set with diamonds, others set with different stones. They are beautifully and well designed, and quite modern and light, and inside, you have these special messages that are beautiful for gifts,” she said. “The messages can either be personalised or ready-made”.
Leila Issam Fine Jewellery also likes to work with coloured stones, producing two different collections: “We have one that has been there since the beginning, these ones with the pink sapphires.
“We (also) have this collection that was inspired by an exhibition in Milan, it is all about water so it includes pearls, including Tahitian and Rice pearls, and Columbian emeralds.”
About pearls and other Arab –inspired jewellery, Abu Issa said she is glad that these pieces, which reflect Qatar and the region’s rich culture and history, have become trendy once again.
“I absolutely love pearls and it is also a big part of our heritage. We have these baroque pearls encrusted with sapphires and golds, they are very popular pieces, one of our bestsellers. I feel like, for a while, it stopped being trendy but now it’s back and reinforced," she added.
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