Piranesi is presenting its latest and rare jewellery piece – the Piranesi Infinity Ring – at the 19th edition of Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE).
Speaking to Gulf Times, Piranesi managing director Julian Hajibay describes the ‘Piranesi Infinity Ring’ as the brand’s “absolute most” and just under 30carat beautiful blue sapphire ring.
“It is called Infinity Ring because when you look at it, it’s a beautiful transparent sapphire set on a bed of pave diamonds.
“Our brand is very unique. My mother Mimi is currently in New York designing, she designs all the pieces from a woman’s point of view so all the pieces are feminine and delicate... and she has a beautiful eye for colour and craftsmanship.
“So when you combine the two together you get something like the Piranesi Infinity Ring that is truly one of a kind, and she belongs in a museum, never anywhere else in the world will you see that calibre,” he said.
Located at DJWE’s Alfardan pavilion, Piranesi is also showcasing 10 different collections, ranging from Boutique and going all the way up to its Masterpiece.
Hajibay said Piranesi’s Boutique collection features a mix of round and oval colour gemstones from orange, blue, pink, and yellow sapphires and tsavorite garnets, among others.
“We also have beautiful turquoise, natural sapphires, natural rubies, emeralds from Columbia, beautiful yellow diamonds, also we have a beautiful Cabochon collection, it is very special. All the gemstones are completely rounded, no facets, which is very unique to find,” he pointed out.
Hajibay said the company’s clientele always has a passion for luxury and appreciation for fine gemstones and a brand like Piranesi.
“The beautiful part of our jewellery is that it is timeless, and it spans across many cultures. My family history dates back to 1845 in the business and they’ve lived in the Middle East, they’ve lived in Europe, now we are based in America so you’ll see a little bit of a flavour from every single culture in all of our collections."
The Piranesi brand is renowned for its rare and exotic stones, unique jewelry designs, and statement pieces, delivering timeless luxury from generation to generation.
“We are very excited about this show it is our second year exhibiting and so far the response has been tremendous, and we look forward to welcoming everybody at the Piranesi booth to show our wonderful collections,” he said.
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