The Cultural Village Foundation - Katara witnessed an exceptional National Sport Day (NSD), with the participation of 20 entities that included ministries, government agencies, federations, sports clubs, health and food institutions.
On this occasion, HE Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, said: "Katara, as one of the State institutions, is keen to participate in the activities of National Sport Day with a rich programme including various types of sports. At the same time, it accommodates the activities and events of different institutions and ministries, taking advantage of the diversity of the Cultural Village's facilities. Katara is also able to attract large segments of the public, which helps make these events a success."
Abdul Rahman Jassim al-Tamimi, chairman of the Organising Committee for the Katara Activities on National Sport Day, said: "The programme of Katara included more than 20 main activities in which several government and private agencies as well as sports federations participated. Many of the agencies provide gifts. Katara is keen every year to provide a variety of activities that meet the aspirations of the public."
Al Riyada Centre of the Ministry of Sports and Youth presented educational workshops about which Ghada Taha, a sports co-ordinator at the centre, said: "We are highly interested in participating in community activities with a large public gathering in order to achieve the goals of the centre, seeking to spread health awareness for women and girls."
Dr Mahmoud Younes, assistant director for Health Planning and Community Engagement at Hamad Medical Corporation, said: “This year, we are participating in several campaigns, which include the 'Kanna' campaign that provides zumba training and cardiopulmonary resuscitation exercises, in addition to conducting examinations to detect heart diseases, cholesterol, glucose, pressure and body mass. The 'With You' campaign for mental health enables us to offer exercises for better mental health, and there are also games for children and adults. The dental department is also involved while there is an anti-smoking campaign as well, along with a health education campaign for diabetics."
Dana al-Suwaidi, Public Relations officer at the National Cybersecurity Agency, said: "We are participating with many activities through which we have tried to combine technology and sports and attract different groups of attendees, including basketball, football and more. Our activities are interactive and divided according to age groups to suit everyone."
Regarding the participation of Shell, Hussein Ali al-Hajji, director of Government Communication at the company, said: We are participating, in co-operation with the Qatar Football Association, in these celebrations of the Sport Day, which confirms the importance of sport and our keenness to encourage it. This is the third year in a row that we are present at Katara."
Fareed Adnan, head of Media Affairs at Qatar Red Crescent Society, added: "Our activities here are varied, in which children and families can take part, and we have seen great participation, especially in football, jumping and archery."
For her part, Reem Ghossoub of Qatar Insurance Group expressed happiness at participating in the National Sport Day activities at Katara, noting that the company is holding seven sporting events for adults and children (including beach volleyball and basketball), in addition to many motor activities, competitions, entertainment and distribution of prizes.
On the southern side, the sports activities of Al-Sayeh Sports Centre attracted a large audience of children who rushed and enthusiastically performed and learned exercises related to martial arts, such as karate, taekwondo, judo and boxing.
The activities held by Get Started Sports Centre also witnessed a remarkable public turnout. Ali Abdulaziz al-Ishaq, a member of the team, said: “The centre is offering a package of activities and events, such as kinetic exercises that help the elderly, in addition to some activities for children that ignite enthusiasm and attract them to engage in sports permanently."
The Qatar Rugby Federation held a series of sporting events and competitions. Talal Abdullah Majali said the federation is keen to participate in NSD to encourage a healthy lifestyle, noting that the activities held on Katara Beach include mini rugby and mini hockey tournaments, with the participation of 14 and three teams, respectively.
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