Gulf Times

The United States’ friendship with Qatar is not built of boundaries, but one that’s based on shared optimism for the future, noted US ambassador Timmy T Davis in an exclusive interview with Gulf Times.
“We have so many areas of common it global security, humanitarian assistance or education. We like to get together formally once a year to have a grand is the kind of conversation you have with friends,” the ambassador said, referring to the forthcoming session as part of the “5th Strategic Dialogue” between the two countries that will be held in Doha on February 20-21.
The envoy said top officials from both the countries are expected for the session.
The 5th Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue session was kicked off in November last year, co-chaired by HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, and US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken.

“We are delighted that Qatar is part of a conversation globally about countries that care about humanitarian assistance, dignity of the individual, or ensuring that victims of tragedies like flooding in Pakistan, earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, plight of those in Lebanon still suffering the effects of years of misfortune as they look for leadership, are cared for.
“Our relationship with Qatar is not a relationship, where one of the partners is leading the other in a direction. Our relationship with Qatar is about two friends...two allies... identifying areas where we can do the most good and have the greatest impact.
“For example, in North Africa, Qatar is a leader in thinking about how many of those governments’ progress and come together and take care of the people who live in those countries. About the future of our relationship, I am absolutely optimistic about it. I know Qatar’s goal is to be a good neighbour be a good partner globally... and that they are as interested in doing it as friends with the United States as the US is doing it with our friends in Qatar.”
The strategic dialogue aims to discuss ways to enhance co-operation between the two countries in various fields and develop exceptional bilateral relations that depend on common interests and mutual respect.
Ambassador Davis noted there is a “steady stream of interest” in the US about Qatar.
“They include Members of Congress and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, besides members of the administration. This is a conversation that requires our best and holistic efforts. Qatar is moving towards National Vision 2030 that has laid an ambitious timeline and also an ambitious set of goals, many of which were met by the World Cup.”
The ambassador emphasised that his country’s relationship with Qatar “will be an example not just for the region, but for the world.”
“Our friendship with Qatar is not built of boundaries, but one that’s built on shared optimism for the future and also an outlook that we have in common to make the lives of our neighbours, friends, partners and people in need even better,” he noted.
Ambassador Davis particularly highlighted Qatar’s timely assistance of $100mn to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the US Gulf Coast in August 2005.
“If you talk to people in that area, they have known about them (Qatar) since 2005. Our people in the affected places are grateful to Qatar for everything that they did to help rebuild their lives. They have such a fondness for this country,” he added.