The various cultural and artistic events accompanying the ongoing 11-day Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF-2023) continue to entertain and educate visitors to Katara – the Cultural Village.
A street of floral delights awaits visitors at Katara, in addition to the many events being held on the sidelines of KIAHF-2023.
Fifteen florists are showcasing attractive displays of roses and other flowers on this street near the Katara Amphitheatre, which leads to the main arena of the festival.
Two of the flower shops also offer perfumes extracted from natural roses.
The shops, which have been set up on Katara’s Ibn Al-Rayeb Cultural Street, provide everything related to flower arrangement.
The KIAHF Organising Committee has also prepared many artistic segments for visitors to enjoy over the weekend during the prestigious KIAHF Title Show, such as giant puppet shows and acrobatics.
There is also a segment on live drawing and colouring, specially prepared for children with the aim of creating an atmosphere of entertainment and pleasure and introducing them to various types of roses through drawings on the walls of a wooden house set up by the committee.
The event (“The Roses”) also mixes music and singing.
A singer and an oud player perform famous Arab songs that highlight the beauty of flowers.
Among the other attractions is a pavilion that displays some 28 books on roses and sheds light on the art of cultivating and gardening, as well as the aesthetics of roses.
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