The third and penultimate day of the Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF-2023) Title Show, being held under the patronage of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, concluded with the qualifiers for the 32nd Qatar International Arabian Horse Title Show wowing audiences with mares and stallions taking centre stage in seven classes at the picturesque arena of Katara Beach Friday.

KIAHF 2023 Title
Show Day 3 Results

Mares 7-10 Years Old (Class 8A)
1. Malikat Al Moluk (owned by Aljassimya Farm) 93.38 points.
2. AJ Barakah (owned by Ajman Stud - HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid al-Nuaimi) 93.06 points.
3. D Seyasah (owned by Abdullah Fahad Dakhel Alhaqbani Aldosari) 92.63 points.
Mares 7-10 Years Old (Class 8B)
1. Mozn Albidayer (Al Wajba Stud) 93.88 points.
2. Hamamat Al Shahania (owned by H.E. Sheikha Iman Mohamed K H al-Thani) 92.56 points.
3. Om El Aisha Aljassimya (Al Jassimya Farm) 92.44 points.
Mares 11+ Years Old (Class 9)
1. Noft Al Nayfat (Aljassimya Farm) 93.63 points.
2. Basandrasettimocielo (owned by Ajman Stud — Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid al-Nuaimi) 93.00 points.
3. DA Magic Moment (owned by Nasser Mohammed M A al-Hajri) 92.38 points.
Stallions 4-6 Years Old (Class 10A)
1. Amaar (Al Dana Stud) 92.38 points.
2. Nabil Alsakab (owned by Abdulaziz Ibrahim Abdulaziz Albarghash - Alsakab Stibls) 92.19 points.
3. Kanz FD (owned by Ibrahim Abdulaziz al-Fadda - Al Fadda Stud) 91.50 points.
Stallions 4-6 Years Old (Class 10B)
1. AJ Sabran (owned by Saud Abdulhadi Naser Alsahli - Athaa Stud) 92.19 points.
2. Melih Al Zobair (owned by Shahaeen Ali M AlMadeed) 91.44 points.
3. Jassar Al Bidayer (owned by Shaahin Ali Almadid) 91.19 points.
Stallions 7-10 Years Old (Class 11)
1. HF Santiago De Magnifique (owned by Abdulaziz Ibrahim Abdulah Alajlan) 92.56 points.
2. D Jaleel (owned by Saad Salem Mohammed Al Hajri) 92.19 points (won by type).
3. Lammah Al Naif (Al Athba Stud) 92.19 points.

The competitions were attended by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani and Major General Dr Salem al-Buraq, executive vice-president of Al Athba Stud, Saudi Arabia, in addition to the presence of a number of sheikhs, ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions.

KIAHF, organised by Katara - Cultural Village in co-operation with the Qatar Equestrian Federation (QEF) and the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) since February 11, has seen the participation of more than 480 horses from 18 countries.

In Friday's qualification rounds, among the mares, Aljassimya Farm’s Malikat Al Moluk took the top honours in the Mares 7-10 Years Old (Class 8A) while Al Wajba Stud’s Mozn Albidayer emerged as the winner in the Mares 7-10 Years Old (Class 8B) category. The Mares 11+ Years Old (Class 9) category was won by Aljassimya Farm’s Noft Al Nayfat.

In the stallions’ categories, Al Dana Stud’s Amaar claimed the Stallions 4-6 Years Old (Class 10A) top place. In the Stallions 4-6 Years Old (Class 10B) category, it was AJ Sabran, owned by Saud Abdulhadi Naser Alsahli (Athaa Stud) who stood first. HF Santiago De Magnifique, owned by Abdulaziz Ibrahim Abdulah Alajlan, won the first place in the Stallions 7-10 Years Old (Class 11).

Commenting on the sterling KIAHF shows, Nasser Abdullah al-Mansoori, director of Al Wajba Stud, said that the competition was strong between the horses to qualify for the finals. "I am confident in the ability of the horses of Al Wajba Stud to be in contention for the top spots,” he said.

Al-Mansoori added that the tournament is one of the strongest in the world and the level is very high in light of the participation of elite horses. It is difficult to predict who will be among the podium finishers.

Mohammed Mubarak al-Sulaiti, director of Al Jassimya Stud, expressed his happiness for the good results in the championship qualifiers as Al Jassmiya excelled in more than one category and entered the final competitions.

He expressed his admiration for the high level of organisation of KIAHF, which enjoys wide participation from the best studs and farms in the world and the region. He described it as a great gathering of horse owners, pointing out that the competitions in the two Algerian horse championships, which concluded just a few days ago, and the KIAHF Title Show championship were strong and exciting.

The top three winning horses of all qualifying classes make it to the championship finale Saturday, February 11). The championship finals will be held in the following classes: Yearling Fillies Championship (Class YFC); Yearling Colts Championship (Class YCC); Junior Fillies Championship (Class JFC); Junior Colts Championship (Class JCC); Senior Mares Championship (Class SMC); Senior Stallions Championship (Class SSC).

The excellence of purebred Arabian horses at KIAHF is arbitrated by an international jury of 12 judges for each class. The arbitration is based on type, head and neck, body structure, legs, and movement.

While the mares should have amazing balance, poise and beauty; the stallions should possess excellent body structure and strength, balance and movement.

One of the most prestigious, luxurious and largest of international festivals showcasing purebred Arabian horses, KIAHF comprises the Katara Arabian Peninsula Horse Show, The Auction and the prestigious Title Show.
The Title Show carries a prize money of QR13,900,000 and several valuable in-kind prizes, out of KIAHF’s total prize money of QR17,085,500mn.
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