The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will launch a new strategy very soon, focusing on initiatives and plans until 2030, Gulf Times has learnt.
“We are working on the new education strategy, which is to be announced very soon, mostly this year," disclosed, HE Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh al-Naimi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
The ministry is working on various aspects of the new strategy and several latest educational topics are being actively discussed to be added in the programme, he explained to Gulf Times on the sidelines of a Destination Imagination event Sunday.
"Various aspects are under serious consideration to be included in the new strategy. We have identified four particular areas to focus on. This will help us guide the education scenario to all the way to 2030 and beyond with very innovative ideas and plans,” explained, the official.
“The four areas of focus are students, teachers, environment in the schools and the services provided by the ministry in the schools. All details are being worked out accordingly. The new strategy will lead to transforming education in the country for better and achieving our targets,” continued, Dr al-Naimi.
As for the new academic calendar issued recently by the ministry, Dr al-Naimi pointed out there are no major changes except for some minor adjustments in some semesters.
“Normally we announce the calendar for three to four years and it is not anything new. If there is any need for changes, we can always look into it and make necessary adaptations according to the emerging needs on a year to year basis,” he said.
“Announcing the calendar for several years helps people to get prepared and plan their schedule well in advance. Both the private and public schools can make their plans accordingly and frame their schedule. This will also help to have more co-ordination between the private and public schools,” Dr al-Naimi added.
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