Millets, also known as ancient grains grown worldwide, have taken centre stage during the celebration of India Utsav 2023 held recently at LuLu Hypermarket, Barwa Madinatna.
According to Dr Mohamed Althaf, director of LuLu Group International, millet is becoming "more and more popular" due to its benefits for health, particularly for diabetics. Similarly, the demand for millet in the agriculture sector is also growing because of its sustainability.
Dr Althaf pointed out that India Utsav is an annual event. This year, the festivities also highlight ancient grains as a health product following the UN’s declaration of 2023 as the ‘International Year of Millets', he explained.
Indian ambassador Dr Deepak Mittal, who inaugurated India Utsav 2023, said: “India is one of the largest producers of millet, which is considered a superfood, and India Utsav 2023 is a good opportunity for visitors to learn about the use millets in day-to-day life.”
Regarded as an old grain, millets are small, spherical whole grains that are grown in Nigeria, India, and other Asian and African nations.
Mittal said the 10-day India Utsav 2023 is not only focusing on a wide variety of millets and their health benefits, but the festival is also showcasing a wide range of Indian food and spices, authentic dishes, and ethnic clothing.
India Utsav 2023, which aligns with India’s Republic Day, will primarily feature and promote top-notch Indian cuisine, as well as the nation’s rich cultural history. The event also strives to highlight India’s prowess in manufacturing and innovation among local and international audiences.
The festival offers an exclusive display of these products at all LuLu stores in the region. Moreover, LuLu Hypermarket is also highlighting a huge range of bakery products made of millets, as well as fresh hot foods prepared in-store for the entire promotion – from biryanis to curries, popular street foods, traditional sweets, and many other delicacies.
LuLu Group regularly imports more than 4,000 products from India, including popular fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), products bearing the LuLu private label, fruits and vegetables, packaged food items, household goods, kitchen essentials, and traditional wear and other garments, which are available throughout the year in all stores across the region.
The group also has a strong network of food processing and logistics centres across India for exporting bulk products to countries in the Middle East, North-Eastern Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia.
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