Ultra-runner Sufiya Sufi, a holder of three Guinness World Records, Friday completed another feat of ‘fastest run across Qatar’ - south to north of the country - in 30 hours and 34 minutes, the organisers told Gulf Times.
In a Guinness World record attempt, the Indian pro-athlete, Sufi started her run from Abu Samra on Thursday at 6.16am and touched the finish line in Al Ruwais Friday at 12.50pm. The entire recording of the expedition and other evidences will be submitted to the Guinness World Records for formal recognition of the feat.

Sufi had targeted to finish the run within 35 hours but she made it well ahead of the estimated time. Speaking to Gulf Times a day before the expedition, she had said that she would do it at one go without breaks.
“This is just about 200km and a great opportunity for me to traverse the country from south to north. My target is to complete the whole run in about 35 hours or less than that. This will be the first leg of my international expedition which I am planning to take up at various other countries,” Sufi said.
Indian Sports Centre (ISC), affiliated to the Indian embassy in Qatar, had arranged the logistic support for the expedition. ISC vice president, Sheji Valikayath said it was a great achievement for Sufi.
“We congratulate Sufiya Sufi for the fantastic feat. We hope that she will continue her international expeditions in several other countries successfully. We are very glad that ISC could provide assistance and logistical support in this attempt. Many ISC members also had joined her towards the last leg of her run.”
With the ‘Run Across Qatar’ challenge, Sufi has attempted the Official Guinness World Record to clock the fastest known time to run across Qatar and raise awareness towards leading a healthy lifestyle.
During Friday's run, Sufi was joined by many local runners and logistically supported by many others. Sufi had to battle strong and chilly headwinds. Three of her team members accompanied Sufi during the run.
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