The Early Child Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education held many awareness workshops and training programs for teachers and coordinators of the pre-school and primary stages in a bid to achieve the ministry's vision, in terms of leadership in providing permanent, innovative and top-notch learning opportunities for the Qatari community, and within the framework of its interest in developing educational cadres.
Director of the Early Child Department Maryam Al Buainain stressed the department's approaches to achieve the ministry's vision through several intermediate results that emanate from its strategic plan, including building an efficient and qualified workforce, characterised by its performance and commitment to work ethics in all educational stages, with a focus on the early education stage. She highlighted the ministry's projects to develop technical and vocational education and training in education, and to intensify rehabilitation programs and professional development opportunities for workers at this stage.
She added that the focus will be on developing the capabilities and practices of pre-school and early education staff, by providing modern and high-quality professional development opportunities, and providing awareness workshops for teachers including the newly appointed one and awareness programs in leadership skills for coordinators.
Al Buainain hailed teachers as tools of change and development and the awareness workshops for new teachers as a road map to direct them to the right path needed to develop their educational and scientific competencies.
Among the programs prepared and implemented by the department over a period of three months was an optional training program under the title 'Pioneering Educational Beginnings,' which targeted pre-school and early education teachers and coordinators, awareness workshops for new teachers, in line with the needs of the target group and a workshop for developing students' critical thinking skills, she added.
Al Buainain highlighted another workshop titled 'Leadership of Learning Evaluation' that targeted coordinators of the literary and scientific tracks, and pre-school and English language coordinators. The workshop sought to bolster coordinators' capabilities to follow-up and employ the assessment tools to boost the students' educational outputs, she added.
The training offered a variety of interactive, group and bilateral activities to enhance the experience of the trainees and provide them with the basic skills to perform their tasks effectively, Al Buainain said.
The ministry provided a total of four training programs through 18 training sessions, attended by 2,318 teachers and coordinators, with 96 percent of them having expressed their satisfaction of the outcome of the training.
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