A group of Cameroonian residents in the country has come out with a colourful and beautifully picturised song in celebration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
Several of them have been the residents of the country for a very long time and celebrating the glory of the Qatar World Cup in many ways. The song, Ole Ole, is a crowning tribute of their joy to the country and a humble dedication to the successful organisation of the World Cup.
“The song is an expression of love towards the country and also sports. It is a great occasion and Qatar has shown the spirit and greatness by hosting a wonderful World Cup. When Qatar was awarded to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we all cheered and it is expressed through this song. As they say music unites us all and it does not know borders. It connects hearts and makes us cheer. It does not have a language,” said the singers of the song, Eddy and Boris who believe this song will be a tribute the country they reside in.
The song was conceptualised a few of months ago in September and has been developed over time. The song is “relentlessly upbeat and melodic,” situating it perfectly with most official World Cup anthems. The energy is seen through the visuals and choreography.
The song was shot on the outskirts of Doha and Sealine Beach with vibrant elements and dozens of junior artists. The song carries the content of greeting and welcoming in the name of all Cameroonian expatriates in Qatar, and the director of the song, Rocky Gracian shot the visuals through a diverse musical vision based on the theme of sea, land, and hip-hop.
The singers are: Eddy, Tinaice, Boris, Maryanick and Kay-C. The production crew include: Rocky Gracian, director; Mohammed Shanaz, director of production, Mohammad Rafi, production manager, Charith Imado - VFX artist and Steffnie De Silva, colourist.
Production assistants are: Kanchana Gunawardena, Ishan Perera and Maneesha Nadeeshani and the song is released on https://www.youtube.com/VequalMusic
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