Apart from a well-organised FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, football fans from various countries have lauded the high-level of safety and security in the host nation and the people’s warm and friendly reception.
Steven and Mica from Jamaica, who were enjoying their visit at the Msheireb Downtown Doha Wednesday, cited what they described as “an extremely safe environment in the country.”
“We have so much respect with the country, it’s way far from what is shown and published by critics in the media. It is very safe and we are enjoying it here very much,” Steven stressed.
Alex R from Argentina echoed the same view, citing the extraordinary safety that is in place in the stadiums and across the country. “Very nice quality of tournament, very safe place, no criminality, well organised, and excellent transportation,” Alex said.
However, he suggested there should be more restaurants to reduce the rush and transportation beyond 3am, so as to make it easy for fans to return to their hotels and homes.
“But otherwise, the World Cup is well organised, Qataris are very nice people, sophisticated, warm, welcoming and willing to spare time to help and assist anybody,” added Alex who also attended the last few World Cups.
Qatar has been ranked the safest country in the world by Numbeo from 2020 to 2022 in terms of crime and general safety, while Doha ranks second as the safest city in Numbeo’s Crime Index by City in 2022.
Mexican supporter Carlos Domingez, who also supports the USA team since he lives in Atlanta, said "it's been an amazing experience we feel so safe you can walk in the middle of the night and everybody is so friendly."
He said in this World Cup, he experienced how politics, race, religion and beliefs have been set aside after Iranian supporters in Qatar helped and brought him home safely the other night after watching the matches.
Matthew, a South African who lives in Doha, urged football fans from various countries to visit Qatar, saying "you wouldn't be disappointed."
Matthew was supposed to take a vacation back home but decided to extend his stay to experience the World Cup and what it has to offer. Matthew said he witnessed the 2010 World Cup in his home country, and is now experiencing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
"There are so many things that you can do (here) and there are so many things free as well, it is so warm, it is so welcoming, and all the songs are amazing," he added.
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