A senior Indian football coach has lauded the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, describing it as one of the best and most beautiful editions of the tournament so far in its history. He also feels that Spain stands a good chance to win this year’s World Cup with lot of promising young players.
“First of all, the compact nature of the tournament has been so convenient for everyone who wants to watch more than one match a day. Moreover, the transportation part has been a huge success. The organising committee truly deserves 100% credit for such fantastic arrangements. It is simply incomparable and amazing," said Bino George, who was the head coach of the Kerala team that won the Santhosh Trophy tournament this year.
Santhosh Trophy is the most coveted interstate football tournament in India.
George, an Indian professional manager and former footballer, is currently the East Bengal assistant coach to Stephen Constantine for the Indian Super League.
“I understand that all the teams are very happy about their practice facilities and other logistics aspects. All the visitors find no problems in reaching their destinations. Overall everything is smooth and seamless,” noted George.
The Indian footballer said that the first round of games has been very exciting and electrifying so far. “I could watch several of the matches. All the games have been excellent which also saw some upsets. Some of the Asian teams have been very promising. This is a good sign for Asian football and it can be reflected in the coming games in the Asian continent including the next year’s Asian Football championship,” he said.
George is of the opinion that Spain, Brazil and France have better chances to win the tournament. “ I fancy Spain to win the tournament. They are a young talented team and have already shown their potential in the group stage matches. Brazil on the other side is equally good but they did not have any strong opponents in the group stage and so they need to have greater performance in the knockout stages. France is also equally impressive but they are missing some key players,” he pointed out.
As for the Indian football scenario, George noted that football is becoming more and more popular in his country but still a lot has to be done to make it world-class. “We need more infrastructure at local and state levels to train the players. We have a lot of young talents but they need to be trained properly with all the necessary skills to compete at the international level. Hopefully, the situation will become better in the coming years, “he added.
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