United Development Company (UDC) launched Qarnevale Quartier at The Pearl Island’s little Venice precinct Qanat Quartier Friday. Spectators were given a taste of the charm and fanfare of the Venice Carnival during the event, which will run until December 4. The Venice-like festival is organised by UDC, the master developer of The Pearl Island and Gewan Island, in co-operation with Festi Group, the founder and organiser of the popular Venice Carnival.
Visitors will experience the international flavour of Italy as a roaming parade recreates the spirit of one of the most famous festivals in the world via elaborate masquerade shows, human statues, and dazzling floating arts. The carnival features enchanting performances, including street artist performances, aerial dancing show, laser music show, and a roaming parade.
UDC executive director commercial Hussain Akbar al-Baker, said The Pearl Island has been hosting a variety of events, including its latest activity, Qarnevale Quartier.
“We have borrowed the concept from Italy and it is being supervised by Festi Group, the same company that organises the famous Venice Carnival," al-Baker told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the event.
“The Pearl Island is a unique destination in Qatar, which is why we decided to hold Qarnevale Quartier here. It is only type of event being held in Doha,” he pointed out.
Aside from activities at Qanat Quartier, al-Baker said UDC is also hosting other fun-filled, family-oriented entertainment at Porto Arabia and Medina Centrale “for people of all ages, from children to adults.” “We cater to different types of people by offering a variety of events,” he explained.
On hosting FIFA World Cup fans coming to The Pearl Island, al-Baker said: “The Pearl Island is one of Doha’s greatest landmarks for tourists.
Over the past few days, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of tourists and visitors, and the island’s footfall is increasing on a daily basis.”
He added: “We are in the process of collating data in terms of the number of people and vehicles coming to the island and we shall announce these figures in the coming period.”
Residents of The Pearl Island, as well as tourists arriving in Qatar for the World Cup, will enjoy 11 days of art, time travel magic, and limitless excitement from major international attractions. The Qarnevale Quartier show will run according to the following schedule, street artist performances: 4pm - 4.40pm | 6.30 pm - 7.20 pm; aerial dancing show: 4pm - 4.40pm |7.20pm - 7.30pm; laser music show: 5.10pm - 5.20pm | 7.30pm - 7.55pm; and parade: 5.20pm – 6pm | 8pm – 8.40pm.
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