Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) has become a favourite destination for dining, shopping and exploring Qatar’s cultural heritage, attracting a huge number of football fans from various parts of the world.
“(The MDD is) very beautiful, very clean, very modern ... I just ate Mexican food and it was delicious,” Dean, who just arrived from Ireland Friday morning, told Gulf Times.
He said he plans to explore some Arabic food in Qatar such as kabsa (a mix of rice and lamb), which he tried before in Saudi Arabia.
Dean said he was impressed with the MDD’s infrastructure and the subway (Doha Metro), which has been transporting people safely and efficiently.
“The transportation system is excellent, the subway (metro), it’s perfect, no complaints. Also, the football stadiums are unbelievable, and so clean,” said Dean, a supporter of the Argentinean football team. “Nice job, Qatar.”
The MDD offers an array of local, regional and international cuisines – from cafes to restaurants – spread across the 310,000sq m district, while numerous shops and boutiques showcase a wide range of luxury brands.
Food trucks also get a fair share of business due to the influx of customers who find the place relaxing.
Located in the heart of Doha, the MDD can be easily accessed via the Doha Metro and other modes of transportation.
“It’s been our busiest period so far,” said an employee of a popular food truck chain. “The queue seems endless, and guests like the food that we offer. There is a little difficulty in communicating with them because many cannot speak English or Arabic, but still, we were able to resolve it.”
Mehdi S from Iran, meanwhile, said he was enjoying roaming around the district with his compatriot, looking for Persian food for dinner Friday.
He was fascinated with the MDD’s design and modernity, which makes it attractive to many.
Apart from football matches, the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar also witnessed foreign visitors exploring Qatar’s many attractions, touristic and cultural spots such as the MDD – dubbed “the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project and one of the smartest cities on earth”.
Juan from Uruguay, who was with his compatriot Leo, said: “This place is so nice, beautiful and modern, it has much colour and much culture.”
“There are many things to do (here), to know, and to visit,” he said. “It has a lot of activities for children and for families, and it is one of the most beautiful parts of Doha that I visited. We arrived three days ago.”
He noted that they visited Qatar not only for football but also for leisure and to discover the country’s various tourism sites, including the MDD and its museums.
Cezar from Sacramento, California, shared a similar view, lauding the many offerings at the MDD, as well as in different places in Qatar that he had visited, such as the Doha Corniche.
“It’s our fourth day. It is a little warm but it’s been great, people are amazing, the service is great, everybody is just happy and friendly and I love that," he said.
The MDD hosts several events, exhibitions, and activations at its three zones (Baraha, Heritage, and Sikka) throughout the tournament, aimed at providing football fans with exceptional experiences.
The MDD also provides an opportunity for people to visit and discover the Al Annabi Village at Msheireb Museums’ Company House; the Universo Olivetti – Italian Exhibition at Mohamed bin Jassem house; and the Frida Kahlo Immersive Art Exhibition at the lower gallery of Bin Jelmood House – all located at the Heritage zone.
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