Doha literally has turned into an international carnival spot as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fans and visitors from around the world are exploring every nook and corner of the city, savouring the great Arabian hospitality and friendship.
Thousands can be seen roaming around the city, admiring the skyscrapers and scenic views while many others throng the cultural destinations as well as the exotic museums in and around the city.
Fans in large numbers can be spotted swarming around the major traditional locations such as Souq Waqif, the Corniche, Katara - The Cultural Village among others.
Individual fans as well as small groups could be seen celebrating the World Cup, singing and dancing all across the streets and other hot spots. Monday, a large group of Senegal team supporters who had just arrived from their country, gathered at Souq Waqif, greeting everyone with their traditional music and dancing ahead of their match against the Netherlands. Accompanied with drums and other percussion instruments, it was a treat to watch them performing in their traditional attire.
What was more interesting was that among the onlookers of the performance, were a group of Dutch fans who had flown in a few days back to watch their team compete against Senegal. Enthused by the dancing, some of the Dutch fans too joined the party, making it a true symbol of football uniting the entire world.
Elsewhere, the carnival atmosphere continued as fans in groups moving around and shouting support for their teams. Doha Metro is another favourite hangout for the fans as they move together from one place to another. As they get into the metro, they start singing in support of their teams in their own language, delighting everyone else in the cabin. The whole atmosphere is thrilling and cheerful and the merrymaking continues all through the day and beyond.
With more fans expected to arrive in the coming days from around the globe, the city is expected to experience more entertainment and jovial scenes which could be all the more thrilling, lively and at times boisterous. The energetic and enthusiastic fans are sure to make life more colourful and lively with all the fun and frolic and making Doha- a truly world destination.
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