Qatar has made huge efforts over the past 12 years in a bid to host an exceptional and historic FIFA World Cup in 2022.
These efforts paid attention to all details that would provide comfort for fans from all over the world.
Among these efforts was the Supreme Committee for delivery and Legacy (SC)s launch of digital Hayya Card, a key turning point in measures aimed at supporting international and local fans.
Apart from Russia 2018, all previous world cups saw fans undergoing arduous experiences.
After booking match tickets, they had to apply for entry visas to the host countries, and then book their accommodation.
They also suffered greatly to move between cities in the hosting countries, as well as attending events and recreational activities held on the sidelines of the tournament.
In Russia 2018, the introduction of Fan ID gave international fans a visa-free entry and free access to public transportation on match days.
Hence, Qatar adopted Hayya Card, which is similar to the Fan ID but offers greater and broader benefits for the card holders.
The Russian authorities demanded that fans carry Fan ID during the tournament as identification papers, and every ticket holder in the 2018 World Cup was required to carry this document in order to enter the stadiums and use trains, metro or buses on match days freely.
The Fan ID proved successful in 2018 World Cup and benefited more than 2mn football fans who flocked to Russia from all over the world.
The SC announced the launch of the Hayya Card programme, as an exclusive entry document to attend the World Cup matches.
The programme offers local and international fans with a many great advantages during the championship.
The most important advantage given to Hayya Card holders is access to the eight stadiums of the World Cup and free access to public transportation, including buses, the Doha Metro and the tram, as well as other features that are constantly added to it.
The card has been developed with several special options regarding the registration process, and features that allow the fans to enter tourist places, transportation and stadiums, as well as attending a number of events and activities associated with the tournament.
Ticketed fans can register for the Hayya Card through the website portal:, and the Hayya to Qatar 2022 App that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.
Speaking at a press conference to announce Hayya Card launch, Representative of Security and Safety Operations Committee of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Mohamed Al Kuwari said that the committee is working with its local, regional and international partners to ensure a safe experience for fans during the World Cup, noting that the Committee will spare no effort to take any measure that would enhance the security and safety of fans and all those in the country with the highest security standards.
Al-Kuwari stressed that the Hayya Card will be mandatory for all fans to enter the country and the tournament stadiums during the tournament.
He highlighted the many advantages the card offers compared to previous sporting events, such as the several special options regarding the registration process, noting that everyone will notice the difference in the method of registration, as it became very easy and simple.
The Hayya Card enables fans to book their accommodation during the World Cup.
International fans can also book their accommodation through the official host country platform, which provides various options, including housing units, villas, floating hotels, and others.
He added that the per night rental price for some apartments does not exceed $80 dollars, while booking some rooms in floating hotels, which include restaurants and provide many recreational activities, cost about $180 dollars per night.
Hayya card holders will be provided multiple entry visas to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Jordan, without the need for prior approval.
The four countries will offer international fans with recreational programmes and activities and will operate daily flights to Doha during the World Cup period. (QNA)
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