Some of the participants at the swimming course

The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) in co-operation with the Qatar Foundation Recreation Centre is holding a swimming training course for people with diabetes, who have registered with the association, as part of its ongoing plans to improve the quality of lives of diabetics in Qatar.
The course consists of a series of swimming training sessions that will continue until January 30.
QDA executive director Dr Abdullah al-Hamaq expressed his appreciation to the recreation centre for their contribution to improving the level of healthcare being received by people with diabetes.
He also emphasised the importance of sports in general for people with diabetes, especially swimming, which he said has significant health benefits in avoiding high risk problems such as heart and blood vessels diseases.
Swimming burns calories and lead to weight loss, which is considered a benefit for people with diabetes. It also strengthens major body muscles, which then is more efficient in the absorption of the blood sugar, resulting in lowering blood sugar levels, he said.
Studies have pointed that low-intense exercises such as swimming are recommended for people with type 2 diabetes. Swimming also reduces the pressure of gravity on the body which helps to prevent injury to joints - especially for overweight people or those having arthritis.
Swimming is also considered a less fatigue sport for the feet, which is an advantage as low blood flow in small blood vessels is a common condition among people with diabetes.
Dr al-Hamaq said: “I appreciate the initiative of HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani of having a national sports day that will enrich the sports perspective of the people as well as make them consider it as a culture and a habit...and I would like to take this opportunity and ask the sports clubs to reach out to people with diabetes by allocating at least an hour for people with diabetes in order to positively change their lives.”
QDA healthcare section head Dr Amal Adam explained: “We ask all of our patients to have a comprehensive medical test, including blood pressure, nervous system and the heart strength, before engaging in any sports programmes. There are also important considerations that we are committed to and we also recommend it to diabetics who practice swimming, such as the need to have a blood sugar test before and after swimming, and sometimes during swimming if necessary. We also recommend they carry glucose tablets or juice in case of low blood sugar, as well as being careful and wearing sandals around the swimming pool to avoid injuries - apart from ensuring that they carry the card that identifies people who has diabetes.”
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