A sports tech startup from the UK is producing unique immersive contents that could be useful for sports audiences, broadcasters, and sponsors during large scale events, such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Sponix Tech is a content and technology provider company with years of international experience producing exciting, entertaining, and dynamic video content for high-profile clients in business and elite sport.
Led by its founder and CEO Mohamed Ali Abbaspour and business development director Mohsen Rajabi, Sponix was chosen from among 500 companies to be part of the Qatar SportsTech (QST) programme, which works with beIN Sports and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) to develop new sports technologies.
Sponix has developed a software-based technology that is able to create the players’ point of view (PoV) shots from sport events, Abbaspour said.
“Our software applies algorithms and models to create a point of view angle using only the broadcast footage. Our PoV content is leveraging the power of video to reach customers, increase brand visibility and create high quality, shareable content, whether in a B2B environment or engaging directly with sport fans.
“The unique PoV immersive content is game changer for targeted customers like clubs, leagues, federations, broadcasters, and TV shows. They are so interested in the service because our solution produces immersive contents, increases fan engagement, changes fan experience, and creates new era of sponsorship,” Abbaspour told Gulf Times.
Sponix also developed a unique method to create Digital Billboard Replacement (DBR) “for any sports matches.” This method does not require any additional equipment, special cameras, billboards or sensors to be installed in the stadium. 
The cameras within the stadium are sufficient to create the DBR, Abbaspour said.
“The technology contains virtual ads, virtual signage, 3D sponsor logos, multi-regional ads, banner replacement, and virtual mats (3D Carpet). Right now, production of similar content requires huge investment in infrastructure installed within the stadiums, like cameras, sensors, and special billboards.
“We have developed software to be able to create DBR using only the broadcast footage. For live events, we capture the footage and place any form of ads in or around the field, for live matches or replays. Our DBR technology creates value through changing fan experience and creating new era of sponsorship,” he said.
QST managing director Heba Q al-Masri said, “With Qatar gearing up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, sports tech startups like Sponix can undoubtedly provide various innovative technologies to local media and broadcasting companies, to enhance the presence of sponsors, provide tailored content for audiences worldwide, and engage fans with a fascinating in-game technology.”
Asked about the current progress of Sponix’s work at QST, Abbaspour said: “We started our journey in Qatar with QST from January 12, 2020. In recent weeks, we had many useful sessions and workshops. Also we introduced our novel technologies through QST connections. Another point is we registered our Qatari company under the Qatar Financial Centre, which is one of the strategic partners of the QST programme.
“QST is a great opportunity to introduce our unique technologies to main players of the industry like FIFA, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), beIN Sports, and big clubs. QST is facilitating partnerships between the startups like Sponix Tech and leading brands and organisations.”

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