Windfall in store for summer fest shoppers

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Windfall in store for summer fest shoppers
2:03 AM

By Joey Aguilar

Staff Reporter


Two Audi cars and cash prizes worth thousands of riyals will be given away today to lucky shoppers at various malls in the country as part of the Shopping Fun activity of the Qatar Summer Festival, organised by the Qatar Tourism Authority.

“A minimum purchase of QR200 from participating shops and retail outlets at The Pearl-Qatar, The Mall, City Center Doha, Hyatt Plaza, Al Khor Mall and Dar Al Salam Mall entitles a shopper to one raffle coupon,” an organiser told Gulf Times.

During the first raffle draw at Hyatt Plaza last week, at least 30 winners received cash prizes ranging from QR1,500 to QR100,000 while two shoppers drove home their Audi cars (one Audi A4 and one Audi Q7). The second draw will be held today at City Center Doha between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

Jorg Harengerd, general manager of City Center Doha, told Gulf Times that one of the winning coupons for an Audi car in the first draw came from their mall.

He said the Shopping Fun activity had given many mall-goers a chance to win big prizes while they enjoyed shopping with their families and friends.

“If they purchase a total of QR400, then they will be given two raffle coupons; so the more they shop the more chances of winning,” he said.

Besides the raffle draw, Harengerd  disclosed that they also had the mall-wide sale where many shops offered “huge discounts”.

A staff from one of the sports shops at the mall said the activity had boosted their sales “significantly” for over a week now.

“Most of the shoppers have been trying to stretch their budget to get at least one to two raffle coupons,” he added.

In a visit to City Center Doha yesterday, a large number of visitors were seen buying various items in different boutiques and shops.

Upcoming raffle draws will be held at Dar Al Salam mall (September 6) and The Pearl-Qatar (September 13).

QTA has organised numerous activities and events across the country such as Family Fun at the  Doha Exhibition Centre, Fountain Fun on the Corniche across from Al Murjan Restaurant, Adventure Fun in Al Khor, and Splash Fun in Al Wakrah.

QTA  launched an outdoor exhibition known as the Instagram Summer Market on Thursday.  Fifteen shops owned by Qatari entrepreneurs took part.

The festival will conclude with a Disney On Ice show at the Qatar National Convention Center towards the end of September.

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