Orthopaedic Review Course opens today at HMC

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Orthopaedic Review Course opens today at HMC Dr al-Kuwari
12:37 AM

The first ever Qatar Orthopaedic Review Course is being organised today by the Bone and Joint Institute in collaboration with the Medical Education Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).
The course to continue until January 9 at the Hajar Auditorium will focus on clinical orthopaedic surgery and other orthopaedic specialties.  
The course aims to raise the standard of education in the region by bringing international faculty as well as HMC-based orthopaedic healthcare professionals to the same platform.
It will provide residents, specialists and consultants with an exclusive learning opportunity to delve into important orthopaedic topics related to foot and ankle, pathology and basic science, spine, paediatric orthopaedics, sports orthopaedics, adult reconstruction and trauma.
“This event will help residents in the region receive the highest level of education, and will develop a stage to continue to provide the latest orthopaedic training from local and international healthcare practitioners,” HMC Orthopaedic Surgery senior consultant Dr Mohamed al-Khayarin said adding: “This is an effort to provide state-of-the-art-information in the field of orthopaedics to healthcare practitioners, ensuring at the same time that this is reflected in the high-quality care they provide to patients.”
Participants at the five-day course will engage in intensive, examination focused review sessions that are consistent with the organisation of the orthopaedic board exam.
Although, the course is designed for senior orthopaedic residents preparing to take a board exam, all other orthopaedists who would like to revise their orthopaedic knowledge are encouraged to attend.
“This course aims to make it convenient for orthopaedic residents to be able to get the required high quality training and knowledge within the country and also to take their board exam,” HMC Orthopaedic surgeon and University of Western Ontario Spine Fellow Dr Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari, one of the course organisers said.
He recalled that three years ago when he took the board exam, he had to travel all the way to New York because no such course was available in Qatar or the region.
“We are hoping that residents will benefit from this opportunity and attend the course,” he noted.
Interested participants can register through the course website: www. qorc.hamad.qa/en or by contacting the course organiser, Dr Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari (Orthopaedic Surgeon and Spine Fellow from University of Western Ontario, Canada) on 44392820 or 44392823.
International faculty participating in the course will also visit clinics at Hamad General Hospital to share their expertise on various orthopaedic cases and to offer advice on the treatment of certain complex cases.
Speakers at the event include: Frank John Frassica, John Hopkins University; Tariq Nayef, Medstar Health, US; Bashir Zikria, John Hopkins University; Anish R Kadakia, University of Michigan, US; Hilali Noordeen, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, UK; Mohamed al-Khayarin, senior consultant Orthopaedic Surgery at HMC and Assistant Prof of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery; Talal Ibrahim, senior consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery at HMC and Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery;  Dr Ghalib O Ahmad, assistant programme director and consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery at HMC.

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