Total sponsors students for summer school

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Total sponsors students for summer school Participants of Total Summer School in Paris.
12:16 AM

Total E&P Qatar sponsored four students to participate in Total Summer School, which was held in Paris from June 30 to July 5.
The four students belonged to electrical engineering, computer engineering and petroleum engineering majors in Qatar University and Texas A&M University at Qatar.
The weeklong summer school session featured 120 students from all over the world who analysed and discussed major energy issues and challenges, alongside key managers and a number of experts from the fields of science, research and business.
The Summer School’s programme provided the students with an overview of the strategy and management issues facing major international oil, energy and chemical companies. The various economic, geopolitical, energy diversification, environment, social and managerial issues were discussed at roundtables, presentations and workshops. The students were also encouraged to contribute actively to the programme, share ideas, express their views and ask questions on the main topics of the seminar.
Upon the return of the students, Total E&P Qatar managing director Stephane Michel said: “The main aim of the Summer School is to help students achieve a better outlook of  the oil and gas economy, the future of energy as well as its impact on the environment. We selected four talented students to participate in this training in Paris, not only to interact with experts from all over the world, but also to share ideas with other students from different countries in the same age group.”
This week, Total also launched its International Scholarship Programme, which will give four Qatari nationals the opportunity to spend one year in France to further their education in the most prestigious schools. The programme is based on partnerships with leading universities in 26 countries around the world.

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