Guests from Dhreima attend Iftar at Diplomatic Club

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Guests from Dhreima attend Iftar at Diplomatic Club Children taking part in an activity during the event.
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The Diplomatic Club has hosted an Iftar for Qatar Orphan Foundation (Dhreima) at the Al Sayyad Tent.
The event, held as part of the Diplomatic Club’s Ramadan activities and social responsibility programme, was attended by around 100 children from Dhreima’s Friends’ Club, 50 nurses from Dhreima and a number of officials and guests.
After Iftar, the kids enjoyed a variety of activities prepared by the Diplomatic Club’s team, including games and competitions. Prizes were given to the gathering of children and nurses in appreciation of the foundation.
Adel al-Abdullah, managing director of the Diplomatic Club, said: “The care of orphans is a great responsibility and has a major presence in the life of all Qataris. Our organisation is keen to support it with all means.”
Speaking for Dhreima, its general manager Khalid Kamal said: “The foundation gets significant support from our beloved nation, its leaders and the people. Support from the Diplomatic Club demonstrates the involvement of the nation’s institutions in addressing issues pertaining to orphans. It also exemplifies the humanitarian initiatives that have characterised the Diplomatic Club since its inception; we extend our gratitude for this.”
Dhreima representatives praised the role of the Diplomatic Club in holding the event for orphans and inviting them to an Iftar.

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