Workers living in Industrial Area call for better bus connectivity

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Workers living in Industrial Area call for better bus connectivity While the Central Bus Station remains crowded, workers in Industrial Area and Wakrah are short of bus services.
12:48 AM

By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter

The steady arrival of workers in the country has led to a demand for better bus services from Industrial Area to places such as Wakrah, Barwa Village and Rayyan.
Those seeking the introduction of more public buses are mainly employees of companies established in the congested locality. Many of them are workers living in labour accommodation.
The residents point out that there is a direct link from the Industrial Area to Wakrah through Wukair, which bypasses the congested roads of Doha city, and direct bus services should be introduced between the two places. At present, commuters are forced to travel to Doha first to catch buses to reach Wakrah, which lies on the eastern side of Industrial Area.
It is believed that most of the country’s bus users are from the Industrial Area.
Several workers in Wakrah - especially a section of the country’s Indian fishermen - said they visited the Church complex in Mesaimeer on weekends but the commute was very difficult. “It will be convenient if some Doha-bound buses are run from the Mosque area, opposite the Abdullah Abdulghani office in Wakrah, through Wukair and the Church area between 3.30pm and 6.30 pm on those days,” said a representative of a fishermen’s group in Wakrah.
A trip from Wakrah to the Woqod Petrol Station roundabout on Doha-Abu Hamour Road reveals that a large number of people have moved to new housing projects recently. A group of 20-odd residential compounds in the area reportedly house between 40,000 and 50,000 people.
With the commissioning of Hamad Hospital in Wakrah and the opening of several other establishments, including medical and commercial centres, there has been a considerable rise in the movement of people. Some new schools are also expected to come up on the stretch in addition to those that have already started functioning. Besides, work on at least two new malls is also under way. These developments, argue residents, call for better bus connectivity across Doha and beyond.
There have also been requests for the introduction of buses between Hamad Hospital in Wakrah and Industrial Area.
It is generally felt that the introduction of more buses in places located outside city limits will enhance the mobility of the country’s expatriate workers.
When contacted yesterday, a senior Karwa official said the company was reviewing its operations on existing routes and would consider proposals for new services if they were found viable.

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