All the public parks and gardens across the country are ready to receive visitors and give excellent experience to the fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, pointed out Mohamed Ibrahim al-Sada, assistant director of the Public Gardens Department at the Ministry of Municipality.

He told local Arabic daily Arrayah that all such parks and gardens are fully ready and prepared to receive visitors with enhanced systems and various renovation works. Some of these have bicycle tracks and air-conditioned walking corridors. Besides, the number of cleaners and security personnel have been increased at all these parks. He added that some of these parks have been equipped with rooms and cabins for sports practice with proper sports equipment as per an agreement with Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) in this regard.

Mohamed Ibrahim al-Sada
These rooms or cabins were constructed from recycled containers. Each room would have a specialist sports instructor and a display screen to show visitors the proper ways to exercise there. These are accessible for all the inhabitants of the country including the FIFA Cup fans and visitors.
In the meantime, agreements have been made with some young entrepreneurs, owners of small projects to install around 80 small cafeterias and carts to sell foods and drinks to the visitors of these parks. Al-Sada pointed out that around 50 of these have are about to start operations and the others are set to inter into service soon. However, he called on all visitors to keep the gardens clean and in well-shape and enjoy the place while preserving it.

Similarly, Mohamed Abdulla, head of the gardens section at Doha Municipality, said that there are currently 52 gardens that pertain to Doha Municipality including public parks, and plazas and all these have been well-maintained over the recent period. Further, they were adorned with seasonal flowers, which were planted in mid-October instead of the usual date at the start of November every year. During this week more welcoming banners and boards will be installed with the motto of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 included.
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