It is little wonder that volunteers are known as the heart of the event. Recently, a blood donation call went out from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Volunteers arriving for their final training sessions ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 were greeted by one of HMC’s Mobile Blood Donation Units just outside the Doha Exhibition Centre (DEC) and soon began lining up by the dozen to answer the call and donate blood for this worthy cause.

Medical screening staff inside the Volunteer Centre gathered personal information and provided health assessments while a fully-staffed team of HMC nurses and aides welcomed donors inside the mobile facility for the brief 10-minute procedure.
Chairperson of HMC’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Dr Einas al-Kuwari, praised the volunteers with several first-time donors coming forward. She said: “Besides boosting Qatar’s blood supply, this also provides a welcome opportunity to engage with the volunteers and spread awareness of the importance of donating blood among their diverse communities, letting people see how safe and easy the process is, and promoting the overall spirit of humanitarianism.”
Volunteer Mohamed Naufal Charalil said: “Giving blood is a small thing for me but it can have a huge impact if it helps to save someone’s life. It’s an even more direct way for me as a volunteer to show how we are all connected and can make a positive impact on each other’s lives.”
Among the medical staff, two HMC nurses admitted a special connection to the Volunteer Centre and the upcoming FIFA World Cup. “We are also World Cup volunteers,” said Amani Aweek. “We make time because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved with the tournament.” Her colleague, Elsa Manuzon, said: “Nursing and volunteering both give me a chance to help people. I even wore my volunteer T-shirt under my medical gown to show my pride and to encourage my fellow volunteers who are donating and giving their all.” Not to be outdone, officers working venue security at the DEC were also spotted stepping up to the Mobile Blood Donation Unit to spontaneously give blood in the generous spirit of the volunteers. For the volunteers, the weekend marked the last day of training at the Volunteer Centre before its transformation into the Volunteer Hub, a place for them to meet, watch matches and relax with other staff. For HMC staff, the event was part of their ongoing community engagement to reach new donors. In addition to their three Mobile Blood Donation Units, they also host two Blood Donor Centres operated by Qatar Blood Services at the following HMC hospitals: Bayt Al Diyafah in Hamad Medical City - Sunday to Thursday: 7am-9.30pm; Friday: closed; Saturday: 8am-2pm.
Surgical Specialty Centre - Sunday to Thursday: 7am-9.30pm.
Dr al-Kuwari added: “There’s no doubt that the donations we received today will benefit those in need. A single pint of blood can save up to three lives, so every donor has a powerful, positive impact.”
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