Rajagiri Public School (RPS) organised a week-long motivational programme for staff and students. The session was conducted by well-known motivational trainer and life coach Dr Thomas George, chairman and director of LEAD College of Management, Kerala, India.
Dr Thomas, popularly known as ‘Thomman’ among his students has two decades of training experience and is the Guinness World Record holder for conducting the longest training session at a stretch.
The life skill development programme titled ‘Turning Point’ was conducted for the students of grades 10 to 12. The session progressed through various activities for building confidence, collaboration, teamwork, time management, planning and various other skills.
Motivational sessions were also organised for students of grades six and nine.
In the session for teachers, Dr Thomas stressed the necessity of a paradigm shift in pedagogy to accommodate the needs of Gen Z students.
A blue hour session was also conducted on effective parenting for the parents of senior grade students.
Parent Teacher Association president Akbar Vengassery commented that the session was highly effective and will help parents support and guide the children in developing a future plan based on their talents and aspirations.