The United Nations expressed grave concern over the recent series of deadly bombings and artillery attacks that targeted several camps for internally displaced persons in the Syria's northwest province of Idlib, which resulted in at least seven civilians dead and about 30 wounded.

The UN Human Rights Office has verified the killing of at least seven civilians, including a woman, three girls, and one boy, and the wounding of at least 27 others, including seven women, four girls, and two boys.

Spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Jeremy Laurence indicated that there are "worrying signs of a new upsurge in hostilities" in this area of the country.

"The uptick in fighting and return to violence is cause for alarm. As in previous escalations, civilians are the ones paying an unacceptable price in terms of loss of life, reduced access to basic services, destruction of essential infrastructure and exposure to new displacements," he denounced.

He highlighted that this situation "is exacerbated by the harsh weather conditions, the poor humanitarian and economic situation and an outbreak of cholera in the area."

Meanwhile, Deputy Special Envoy Najat Rochdi said that "hostilities in Syria again kill civilians-reports of children among the dead. Another devastating tragedy for too many. This must stop. Civilians are not a target."

Rochdi reiterated the call for a ceasefire in Syria, urging all parties to protect civilians wherever they are in Syria.
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