Danat Qatar Real Estate Company hosted a "workout for a cause" event on Saturday, October 22. This is part of the company's Pink October campaign, which was rolled out this month throughout Danat Qatar’s properties. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of breast cancer, one of the most prevalent types of cancers in Qatar and globally.
The campaign consists of several activities that stress the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the necessity of early diagnosis and preventative strategies for the disease. Danat Qatar also aims to raise awareness about the condition by emphasising the options available for its prevention and treatment at an early stage.

The awareness event was held at Alfardan Gardens 9 compound in Al Waab area, in honour of breast cancer patients and survivors. The event featured a series of activities, such as regular and aqua Zumba classes, which help people release stress and negative energy, bringing the strength and determination that is a crucial component in the fight against the disease, as well as a networking reception that allowed attendees to meet and interact.
Participants were provided with pink t-shirts and ribbons as a uniform for the Zumba classes, and they enjoyed a pink-themed buffet spread along with healthy
beverage selections. Educative brochures were also distributed to all attendees highlighting self-exam routines and measures to reduce risks for breast cancer.
Wael Kabrit, Operations director, reiterated: “Danat Qatar has always been at the forefront of reflecting and amplifying the social causes that are most important to our society, and breast cancer awareness is a subject that demands our undivided attention. We want to make a difference by promoting awareness and dialogues that spread information about these topics, in order to contribute to the creation of a world free of breast cancer for everyone. We also want to encourage community members who are at risk to go and get screened. The activation's goal is to raise awareness and share information about fighting the disease both internationally and in the local areas where we operate."
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