A senior member of a Palestinian fighter group was killed overnight yesterday in the occupied West Bank in what Palestinians described as a targeted explosion carried out by Israel.
Tamer Kilani, a leader in a group known as the “Den of Lions” in the city of Nablus, where clashes between Palestinian fighters and Israeli security forces have been occurring almost daily, was killed when a bomb placed on a motorcycle parked nearby was detonated, according to the group. The Israeli military declined to comment on the explosion.
A spokesperson told Reuters the military was “operating against plots all the time”.
“The bomb exploded as he passed by and he became a martyr,” said Kilani’s father, Sufian Kilani, who was not at the scene when the bomb went off. “We don’t know whether the bomb was timed or triggered remotely.” Yesterday’s violence follows months of tension that has deepened since Israeli forces began a crackdown in the West Bank in March in response to attacks.

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