A special event was held by Galfar Al Misnad and Qatar University (QU) to celebrate the achievement of 1.5mn safe man hours without LTI for the Operations and Maintenance of MEP Services at QU.
The project is being executed by the contracting company’s Facility Management division (GFM).
The event was held at QU’s Ibn Khaldoon Hall, and was attended by the GFM employees, the senior management of Galfar Al Misnad, and Qatar University officials represented by MEP Section head Homoud Masoud F A al-Hajri; head of Health & Safety Abdulhadi Saif A A Alhajri; and Project engineer Mohamed Noubani; under the leadership of the director of Facilities & General Services Dept, Mai Hamad M A Fetais.
The event was jointly hosted by Galfar Al Misnad and QU to celebrate the successful partnership between the two organisations that enabled this achievement. The QU officials felicitated Galfar Al Misnad with a special souvenir to honor the achievement. This was received by Project manager Gopalakrishnan P and the Galfar Al Misnad senior management on behalf of the GFM team.
Employees from both the client side and the contractor side were also recognised individually with certificates.
In his address, Homoud al-Hajri commended Galfar Al Misnad’s commitment to health and safety, which laid the foundation for the day’s celebration. He also encouraged the team to keep account of everyone’s safety. “Every time you speak up about safety, you can save lives,” he said.
Abdulhadi Alhajri corroborated on this and said that they had successfully handled and overcome lot of challenges over the past few years as a team, with the hard work put in by all stakeholders.
Galfar Al Misnad’s executive director Satish G Pillai commended the gathering for the first major safety milestone achievement of GFM. He added this was a result of the successful teamwork between Galfar Al Misnad and the client, and the efforts taken by all to ensure that safety standards are always followed.
“Though the company has celebrated safety milestones in the past, this particular one is unique and different because the kind of work that is being performed and the environment it is being done in is challenging. Especially since we have students and other members of the public on the campus to also take care of,” said Navaneetha Shetty, QHSE head, Galfar Al Misnad.
The Facility Management division is a recent addition to the contracting company’s services. GFM has been executing services at QU since 2018, and was awarded two contracts back to back due to their diligent work. The GFM project team at QU now consists of 215 personnel working round the clock, who have all been integral contributors to maintaining high safety standards at the workplace.
“We will strive to uphold this teamwork and ensure that the term of contract will continue LTI-free throughout the job,” said Hemachandran, senior general manager, Infrastructure and Facility Management at Galfar Al Misnad.
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